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2010/11/12 13:55:27
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Thanks to Gordon from Muvizu for the first line. It's much appreciated and now LIVE on So You've Been Dumped.

Looking forward to getting a few more done. I know one more is in the making...Excited to see it.

Best wishes,

2010/11/5 20:40:43
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Hey Again

Big, big thanks for MR G for doing the first animation break up line for me.

I thought I might entice someone to animate this next line, as it's a hoot (and no this one wasn't used on me, I can assure you...) Whaaaaa?

"Don't get me wrong, I really love your boobs, but I thought they were that I know they're fake I can't be with someone that shallow."

I think that line would lend itself well to being animated.

Does anyone agree and want to tackle it?

Let me know.

Thanks y'all.
2010/11/2 16:35:15
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Hello!

Thank you all so much for the input/feedback/comments and funnies!

Sorry for not getting back on here sooner - had a meeting with MovieCom.TV this morning (btw Muvizu folks I suggested they get in touch with you! Might be great to collaborate for both you guys), and then went straight to a networking event in Glasgow at the Thistle (where I also plugged this talented community!)

Anyway - could anyone who's up for doing a break-up line animation just send me an email with your interest, contact details, and perhaps the line you'd like to do?

And can someone get one to me be Friday and we can do it as a Friday Afternoon Fun thing? Is that doable?

Maybe what we'll do is do it for a set period of time (say 3 months) - get the visitors to vote for their favorite one and then I'll give a prize or a bit of CA$H. (Just talking off the top of my head now...)

Thanks so much to those of you who've offered to do one. I really appreciate it.

Get in touch if you're interested.


1) < 20 second animation

2) Using SYBD Break Up Line (I will just let you guys pick a line from one on the list that you think you can get creative with instead of assigning some to you that might not resonate). I do have thousands of lines which I can discuss with people on the phone.

3) We need all types of people - e.g. different colours, ages (16-60), both genders, gay & straight and accents too - to illustrate how "universal" break ups are.

4) Please discuss your project with me before doing it (in case other people are wanting to do the same line).

5) The video used each will will be on the homepage for one week - then we'll move them to an archived page

6) Each creator will get a short bio to accompany their work and a link to one of their online presences (be it here, your own site, a vimeo or youtube channel - your choice).

I think that covers it...? Again any more questions get in touch ok?

Best wishes, and big thanks!

Miss Cali
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2010/11/1 16:21:54
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? OMG I dated that guy....Once.

Too funny.

Thanks for sharing. I'll tweet it.

Will check out some other of the vids.

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2010/11/1 15:19:33
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? No stealing at all hon. I was vague about it because I run a forum where I don't allow people posting URLs so I was being respectful to Muvizu - but hey you said it not me :0)

I have a meeting tomorrow with to hear about their platform (and its monetization capabilities!) and would love to have these lines be "adverts" on that SYBD channel.

It's very exciting times down at Dumped HQ!

Thanks for the feedback people!

Seems a great, creative community!
2010/11/1 15:12:08
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Well the line "I could totally fall in love with you, but I'm thinking of becoming a priest" - was the line the inspired the actual site a decade + ago...

This delivered to me whilst in bed one Sunday evening - just hours after I'd arrived home on a flight from California!


PS - He's married now and living in North Glasgow :O
2010/11/1 14:30:25
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? For more than a decade now, I've run a Glasgow-based website for the romantically-challenged (read: dumped).

In that time thousands of break up lines have been sent in (with new ones arriving every week!)

Over the past year, I've compiled some of the best into a book I am hoping to publish & which may well get turned into an iPhone app at some point too...Both in the works!

....But after seeing a Muvizu guy give a talk at the GFT last month - I was inspired by what I saw and had an idea....

Is there someone out there that could whip up some 10 second animations of people getting dumped? ...One line at a time - to be unveiled every week or so?

There's sadly no money in it, (as the site is just me really and doesn't make money), but you'd get exposure to more than ten thousand "uniques" a month and as we build this, we can look at ways to turn those eyeballs into joint revenue! In fact, there are plans afoot to re-launch the site utilizing vbulletin & its CMS.

I aim to have a special "channel" for these works to be showcased. For now, I'd put them somewhere on the homepage to maximise exposure of your work.

If you're in Glasgow - even better - but really just looking for someone who's ambitious, creative, fun with a good sense of humor and artistic ability to turn these lines into something amazing!

Is that you?

More info in my profile if you're interested. Get in touch if you fancy it.

Thanks for your time. Maybe even a couple of different people might like to do them so no one feels too pressurized to perform each week :0)

All the best,

PS: The site gets press all over the globe and I am very confident we could get exposure for your animations too!
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