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2011/1/13 1:11:13
sharing imported models HI muvizu is there any way that muvizu or users can share imported objects that have passed the operational test, meaning models that have been tested that worked, say like a convertable or car with transparent windows. i have tried to import models but to no avail. I wil keep trying and if sucessfull will try to find a way to share any sucessfull models.
2011/1/10 14:49:55
head and eye animation Hi muvizu again awesome product!! even with the many kinks, my issue is ajusting the events for head and eye animation great feature!!! but the many events it generates is quite tedious to ajust to right to location in the timeline as there are so many points, i have tried to highlight them all and do one big drag but to no avail. am i doing somthing wrong?
2011/1/10 0:13:35
best quality export for sony vegas editing im in the USA where pal is not the standard sometimes i get funky stuff happening to some of the clips while working in vegas they are all exprted the same way. im wondering if im not using the correct export setting need some help in this area. best export setting for highest quality.
2011/1/9 18:50:13
Can lip-sync be made more precise? this can be done in the time line, select actor go to time line you should see a track for shush and talk there you can ajust it with more precision after youve done dialouge and sush and talk animations.
hope this helps
2011/1/6 16:10:21
better way to move characters Hi guys just thought i share, i tried what jonbez said by hitting f2 on complexly lit scenes, made a big deference!! thanks. and on set manipulation i find the (Q,E,W,A,S,D) keys are better than using the mouse, if you have not tried it give it a try and see for yourself. one more thing when shushing and talking those number keys do noting on a laptop any alternative shortcuts?
2011/1/6 15:06:41
tip on what to buy Hi muvizuers happy new year, i am currently running muvizu on my sony vio runs pretty decent only some of the free sets make my computer slow. so i decided to build my own pc ,i also do hd video editing which is taxing on my machine. i would love to have the ultimate muvizu experience, meaning, not get crazy but have nice sets lights multiple characters etc and not pull my hair out because pc is slowing to unproductive pace. could anyone give me shopping list of components needed to build such a pc.
2011/1/4 22:40:14
better way to move characters that was also big on my list but i have seen many recent post on this, so i think that they were aware of.
facial animation that is. let keep our fingers crossed!!
2011/1/4 14:16:41
better way to move characters hi muvizu, i very much love this program but some issues i have are actor movement, it seems like to me at least, the process is hit or miss because, its kind of tricky to get precise movement direction so i spend a lot of time trying to get it stop or go exactly where i want it to go. i use other programs that use markers, paths that you can draw and so on. I think that most people who have used other software would agree. My other issue is when trying to manipulate the set, the movement controls are extra sensitive, just a minor mouse move can send the set flying way out of workable range, and here i waste a lot of time just trying to manuver the set in the precise position i need tho shift objects around, which is quite annoying. for instace moving objects are fine, but, if im trying to move an object and select the set by mistake, one simple move of the mouse sends the set flying away. any suggestions thanks.(forgive any gramatical errors)
2010/12/23 19:55:26
some of my saved projects will not open thats correct
2010/12/23 19:53:57
where are the shadows for the instruments i just noticed that the intruments have no shadows when attached to characters, why is that??
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2010/12/22 17:22:14
some of my saved projects will not open i open from the launcher i have the latest version i am using windows vista
2010/12/22 15:19:03
some of my saved projects will not open where do i find the set files
2010/12/22 15:11:45
some of my saved projects will not open wil do thanks!!
2010/12/22 15:01:11
some of my saved projects will not open all files were on my hard drive
2010/12/22 14:39:33
some of my saved projects will not open "there is no disk in the drive please insert disk into drive" and yes i do have custom chest decals on some
actors and backdrops. and when i view the usage percentage in the view secton i am never more than at 25% (and some custom sound)
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2010/12/22 12:52:47
some of my saved projects will not open hi muvizu i have some projects that i put a lot of time and effort in but when i save them and try to open it at a later time muvizu crashes. some of my projects work fine all the preset projects work fine but the
projects i put the most work into always seem to have the same issue when i try to reload the saved file.
help please!!!!!!!!!
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