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2016/7/7 8:45:24
Green Screening a body AHAHA!! i looked at that settings and there were some tolerance sliders for hue, luminance and saturation. Outline is gone now. Thanks!
2016/7/7 8:40:02
Green Screening a body Green screening in PD14 is a pretty simple thing. you just engage chromakey and then select the color you wanna phase out with the eyedropper. probably more to it then that for the fine details but it's not a super advanced thing. I had no trouble green screening a politcal speech onto a tv screen in one of the news room sets.
2016/7/7 8:08:47
Green Screening a body Ok so what i did was take the wire frame .png for stick figures and i colored the body parts that i wanted to be visible, filled in the negative space with green so the rest of the body would be color and then erased the remaining wire frame so it wouldnt appear on the body.

Then in Muvizu i did all the normal prep for dialogue and actions, that all worked fine. I rendered once with the character in, then rendered again with the character removed. In the editor (Cyberlink PD14) i chromakeyed the green portion of the body and put the two clips overtop of each other. this worked very well aside from the faint outline of the body. It was in the "Sleazy's" bar room set and it was dark. Would it have been better to use blue since it was a darker setting?
2016/7/7 3:47:57
Green Screening a body So after learning how to green screen, i decided to green screen a body. Leaving only the head and hands. This worked as planned but there is a bit of a shimmer where the body was like when you see the "Predator" with his personal cloak up. any way to remove this?
2016/6/29 1:34:22
My video is only half as long as the prepared. New user, still learning the system

I have my set, character and dialogue prepped. The character lip syncs through the whole thing just fine. about 7 minutes. In every attempt so far the final version is only about 3 minutes and it just cuts out at the end.
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