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2017/12/9 4:21:34
Licence Key Not working anymore MrDrWho13 wrote:
If you have an active copy of Muvizu on your old computer, you can transfer your licence with this method:

Yeah, that website didn't work.
2017/12/7 6:21:07
Licence Key Not working anymore I had bought Muvizu a while ago. I got a new PC and Muvizu shut down. Clearly not anymore, I'm trying to get Muvizu on my new PC. But I get a error code W3. I seen people been having the same issue, but not the same error code.

I need this for a school project as well... Anything I can do? I really need this.
2016/6/30 16:06:38
Muvizu Crash and freeze Yes, I do have all the Requirements. I'm not on a laptop either.\

I also found out, when I use the drums, and I ended the "direct" is always froze, it doesn't as much anymore but it still does sometimes, its quite annoying. I bought the code and upgraded it in the Software. Should I reinstall it or something?

I have 2 monitors up, I mean that wouldn't effect anything, just trying to think why it keeps doing this. I also would have only my web browser open. I'm on Windows 10.
2016/6/30 4:12:17
Muvizu Crash and freeze ok, so I have had Muvizu for about 8 hours, spent that whole time on it, I was creating a animation and I went to go save it but before I even got to it just froze and I clicked on it and it went white. Then is said Muvizu isn't responding so I closed the program. Opened it up again, started creating another since my other one is gone. I added audio and sorts of things. Almost everytime I'm done with a character is freezes. Why? Am I doing something wrong? I am not sure. Please help.

Tired of it freezing when I'm in the middle of a good animation.

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