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2016/8/30 8:52:29
Strange Occurrence... I've rendered as an MP4
2016/8/26 17:34:59
Strange Occurrence... Hi folks.
I'm new to Muvizu and am loving it.

I've exported each of my scenes and am using Lightworks to edit the full 2 minute feature.

But the quality of the video decreases 36 seconds into the edit.
I've changed everything that I can think of, but it hasn't improved. I've even redone the scene in multiple formats, bitrates, with/without layers and even sliced it into sections, thinking that there was a file-size-issue but still nothing.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance.


Ps have posted in Lightworks too as I'm not sure whether this even is a Muvizu thing!
2016/7/12 11:28:03
How Do I Stop My Sets From Loosing Gravity? MrDrWho13, here's the response from support:

"I think this is a limit of the unreal games engine. When collision meets each other it gets push in the opposite direction. When you have something thin like a table a decision needs to be made, do you push up or push down? The games engine gets it wrong and pushes things down to the ground.
If the character is floating in the air, its likely that this is a result of another object below his feet that he is "standing" on, a side effect of things being pushed down I guess."
They're looking at the set now, but that seems fair enough, just need to not be fussy with too many objects doing different things.
Many thanks.
2016/7/12 11:09:47
How Do I Stop My Sets From Loosing Gravity? Thanks MrDrWho13!

I've contacted support so will let you know if there's a fix that they know of.

I've seen the "can be stood on" option, the reason I'd like to leave it on is there's a nice pile of cash that he's standing on and he gets happy and kicks some cash off his pile!

But will definitely change the piles he's not standing on.

Thank you.
2016/7/12 9:31:35
How Do I Stop My Sets From Loosing Gravity? Hi folks,

I'm rather new to Muvizu and I'm loving it!

I just have a little niggle. When I save a set and reopen it, the gravity on some of the objects seems to disappear.

I made a set yesterday with a boss' office covered in stacks of cash. Opening it today and all the cash, and the boss man are floating in the air.

I was just wondering if this is a frequent occurrence? Or if there's something I can do to prevent/reverse this in the future?

Many thanks in advance, for your help.
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