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2011/6/23 14:45:30
Free 3d models Not tried it too much but http://thefree3dmodels.com - may have some useful models that can be imported into Sketchup and then modified for Muvizu - as they are FREE there should not be any "copyright" issues.
2011/5/25 17:02:55
The newest Muvizu release... mcmillan-ra wrote:

As Claire mentioned, we're doing a complete UI revamp for the next release. What do you want to happen, and we'll see what we can do (no promises)? Though - potentially there are problems depending on how your graphics card is setup.

No more than has already been suggested in the forums
mcmillan-ra wrote:

This release was only about updating the Unreal Engine, Morpheme, Scaleform and a few other bits and pieces. Which unfortunately took us a couple of months longer than anticipated. There are a few extra goodies in there - but this was really to allow us to improve the platform we're working on rather than add features.

Yes I realise that...not a problem..just thought the IDE things were being done as well

mcmillan-ra wrote:

Finally, just to repeat Claire, if you still have problems importing the car, then let us know - if you want - you can send it to bugs@muvizu.com and we can see why it's not importing - and hopefully fix it in the next release.

That could well just be me - I just tried without really doing anything and it didn't work, so I really do need to look at it again to make sure I didn't forget to do anything.
2011/5/25 16:23:18
The newest Muvizu release... claireq wrote:
As for the sketchup model, it wouldn't happen to be the "queen stage"? We have tried so hard to get this to import, (whipping Dave in the corner didn't help either :abuse but the thing is HUGE! it really needs to be broken up into smaller pieces in order for it to work. Sorry

No it wasn't - that loaded fine (eventually) - although only the one I uploaded onto the site which is not as big as the final version - I did actually have an email stating that the stage loaded now due to a bug fix....

It was actually just a simple model of the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard - I will need to have another look when i get home.
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2011/5/25 16:07:37
The newest Muvizu release... Have got the 64 bit - must admit to being a little disapointed so far - I thought the "IDE" would be able to stretch across two screens - I have also just tried to import a simple sketchup model which crashed muvizu
2011/5/23 12:56:03
Garage Band Trailer... Looks great - love the lighting and the movement of the cars....
2011/4/29 14:26:46
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Great Tut - these should be in the Tutorials section and not just in the forum!
2011/4/28 11:08:53
Character fall sideways freakmoomin wrote:
im adding a Del boy type fall animation as i type .........cant garuntee it will all go through in time for the next release mind u.....

2011/4/28 11:00:24
Character fall sideways Emily wrote:
I look forward to seeing the results!

I may have a go over the weekend..
Emily wrote:

Did you give up on the Queen vid? I was looking forward to seeing a bit of Freddy

Nope not given up quite yet - but that is going to be a BIG production (involving video and all sorts) and therefore I think I need to wait for the next release! - as there will be LOADS involved and Muvizu is struggling with just loading the stage (apparently a bug has been fixed though)...So I really want that one to be special!
2011/4/28 10:34:33
Character fall sideways Emily wrote:
Hi Quoling,

Sounds like a nice idea! As for the character falling - it might be worth waiting for the next release, as we have a new 'wobbly' mood which would be perfect for this! It might be a bit of a wait mind you...

I've waited this long - a bit longer won't hurt.... Cool

Emily wrote:
For the bar "flap" opening upwards, you could adjust the scaling of a ground plane, or another suitable prop, then adjust the pivot point, and animate the rotation. Glasgowjim made a nice wee tutorial on this, I've embedded it below.

I knew I had seen it somewhere before - thanks

Emily wrote:

I'd also suggest - if possible - that you record your own voices, and do maybe a bit of a parody of the Only Fools and Horses video. That way you might circumvent some of the copyright restrictions...

I was only going to use one sentence from it "nice and cool" - no good at voices and I doubt the BBC would care...but I will bear it in mind if/when I get round to it
2011/4/28 8:27:24
Character fall sideways In respect of Mr.John Sullivan (writer and creator of Only Fools and Horses) - who died at the weekend I have had an idea of recreating that famous "fall through bar" scene using Muvizu - the only bits I am not sure of - is how to have "Del" fall sideways and also how to have the bar "flap" open upwards..I am sure someone will know and will probably do a better job than me anyway (my Muvizu is acting weird).....
Any thoughts?

I was also thinking about
2011/4/15 11:03:09
Uploaded sets and 3d assets glasgowjim wrote:
This means that we have the right to download Google warehouse models, modify them and redistribute them as long as it isn't purely for creating a model database - so uploading models that we have used in videos should be fine.

Take it easy,

What ho Jim! - I was bored so did a bit of a Google (no pun intended) and found the same thing - so I concour - the entire point of the warehouse is to allow use of your models...so let's get this upload party started! Cool
2011/4/15 10:25:55
Uploaded sets and 3d assets pyrrho wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Seriously, though, we may not take models created by other people or companies and publish them here.

http://www.muvizu.com/3D/15156/Harrier - like this one you mean? - again isn't the point of the warehouse for users to upload models so that they can be used by others...surely providing a "nod" to the creator would mean no big deal....if this is the case though - then I would say that the 3d assests should be removed..as I doubt any there are "originals" - and anyway by providing the sets which contain the models - isn't that the same thing??? - I know for a fact my Queen stage does not contain anything "original" and is all made up from various bits from the google warehouse.....so on that basis that (and I am sure other things..like the Troggs studio) should be removed....
Perhaps someone needs to look into this more.
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2011/4/15 10:14:18
Uploaded sets and 3d assets ziggy72 wrote:
Not a request aimed at the Devs? Are you feeling okay Dreeko?

Just a quick point - I had thought of posting up all the objects I've used that I got from Google Warehouse, but I didn't make them or know who did - how would that work copyright wise? If we're okay to do that, I'll post up the lot (about 50 I think).

Surely the point of the Warehouse is to upload items for people to use? - otherwise what's the point?? - it would be a nice touch just to mention "names" of those that created them...but I don't see why there would be any copyright issues
2011/4/6 10:39:07
Garage Band Blues... mysto wrote:
Thanks again Quoling!

No problem! - look forward to the rest! - btw could I ask a favour? - would you be able to upload the set you used for your fantastic Quo video? - I know it was only simple but I would really like to have a look at how you did it - tried myself and failed! - it's a good overall stage and would be great to do other "bands"... Rock Band
2011/4/4 12:25:19
Garage Band Blues... mysto wrote:
I thought I'd post this vid here until it gets registered into the Muvizu system. I'm thinking of possibly making a series of this band trying to make it big. Enjoy...

Really nice video - although there is noone singing the backing vocals! ;O) - look forward to the continuing adventures...how about the next video being a "practise" in a garage!
2011/3/22 16:45:18
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Dreeko wrote:
More secrets revealed...I'd never last in the magic circle!

Tis those sort of animation tricks we need tutorials on!
2011/3/7 10:40:15
direct lights Neil wrote:
sirih wrote:
Wouldn't it be simpler, Irritable Neil, just to get rid of the duration box, since durations can't be changed? Or, if it will be at some point, just grey it out for now?

If you want to get technical, it'd be simpler just to leave it as it is.

I'll have a look what can be done.

Must admit it is a bit strange to have the "option" there if it can't actually be used.......really looking forward to the new IDE though sounds wonderful Woo Hoo! bow bow
2011/3/7 9:05:49
Uploaded sets and 3d assets ziggy72 wrote:
Uploaded my Troggs Tapes recording studio set, which some people seemed to quite like. Being a Sunday it wont get processed until tomorrow, but it's on it's way.

bow bow bow bow - thanks Ziggy - that's brilliant there are a few things I would like to "borrow" from that! bow bow
2011/3/4 11:50:03
Interface & Timeline Dreeko wrote:
How about a voice that shouts "that's a wrap!"
And another that shouts "action!" when recording lol!

And how about "CUT" when you make a balls up.
2011/3/2 10:38:16
Uploaded sets and 3d assets glasgowjim wrote:
I am glad that you got it put together - it wasn't an easy road with all of the importing problems that you had.

You are right there! - saying that it's not that easy to use either - I find trying to animate the characters very very slow, despite reducing the size of the stage - trying to add new objects ie lights etc results in "not enough space errors"...
glasgowjim wrote:

If you right-click on one of the outside faces there should be an option called "hide" - if you hide an outside face you should be able to see inside the amps and delete the joins between them.

I will give it a go and hopefully it will help to reduce the errors.
glasgowjim wrote:

When the 64-bit version is released it will make stuff like this less of an issue - but it never hurts to save memory.

I think i am going to have to wait for this version before the full video is going to be worth doing - it's taking me too long to do anything and I am only on the start of the video!
Could I create/animate the characters in a blank set and then if copying these to the full set would they keep all properties? - I have tried it but am not convinced everything has saved.
Saying that I don't have a lot of time at the moment so I think I am going to wait for the next release before continuing - maybe someone else will have more luck!
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