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2011/3/1 18:21:40
Uploaded sets and 3d assets glasgowjim wrote:
Pete, that set looks pretty good - one thing that might make stuff a bit easier in future though:

If you are piling up custom objects (like the amps) you could do so in Sketchup and delete all of the internal joins. This would mean that you only need to import 1 object and could, potentially, cut down on memory use. This would only work on simple objects (like the rectangular amps).

Thanks Jim - I think I understand what you mean, copy the individual amp and then build it up in Sketchup before importing? -I did try that but it didn't seem to work - I will try it again - how do you delete the internal joins?
2011/3/1 15:41:51
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Too be honest it's not the best and it's a first attempt - so please be gentle! worship
2011/3/1 15:28:21
Uploaded sets and 3d assets I have uploaded my MEGA Queen Stage.... Rock Band - just waiting for approval Kneel!
2011/2/21 16:39:35
*Solved* Out off memory on start up *Solved* mysto wrote:
Glad I could be of some help. I look forward to seeing your Queen video.

Sadly it's still a long long way off - proving to be a tad more difficult than I was hoping....
2011/2/21 16:21:09
*Solved* Out off memory on start up *Solved* Thanks for the detailed reply - that's what I was thinking the solution would be - I have a very large set (inspired by your Quo film) of a Queen stage and am going to have to cut it down into sections and different videos and then join them together for the full thing (doing Bohemian Rhapsody live) - this partly due to the memory issues but also because "artistic" issues... Rock Band
2011/2/21 13:33:37
*Solved* Out off memory on start up *Solved* mysto wrote:
I have 12 GB on Win 7 64 and have the same issue with the "out of memory" message. It doesn't stop me from animating, I just try to work within the memory limits of the current release of the program. The 64 bit version due out soon will probably fix this issue.

How do you "work within the memory limits" ? - how do you know what these are?
2011/2/21 13:23:05
*Solved* Out off memory on start up *Solved* I have the same issue with 8GB on Win7 64 - it seems the bigger the set gets the more memory is needed and this causes the error. I have tried the suggestion without success...really looking forward to the next version of Muvizu as these types of errors are stopping me from using the app.
2011/2/16 16:28:20
Switch instruments Neil wrote:
Quoling wrote:
Well if you know the "too good to be true offer fairy" can you send them in my direction!!

Hey! There's a queue!

Yep and i'm now at the front! Darth Lightsabers
2011/2/16 15:38:03
Switch instruments glasgowjim wrote:
I will be sticking around the forums to help out for a while anyway - I have enjoyed my time at Muvizu and I believe in the software, it's just sometimes you get an offer that's too good to turn down.

Well if you know the "too good to be true offer fairy" can you send them in my direction!!
2011/2/14 16:16:03
Switch instruments Thanks Jim - I have decided to do the video in three (or four) seperate recordings and then join together....that way I can use the same character in a different way!
Sorry to read you are moving on - it's been a great to "talk" to you.
2011/2/14 16:10:19
Ziggys new animation That's ridiculous - it's clear from Ziggy's post that the content was "naughty" and it even says so on the youtube link...personally I think it's an amazing video and if my attempt (which is taking an age) is anywhere near as good I will be over the moon.
2011/2/13 13:28:34
Object Inspector and Object lock That's great Neil - Delphi is still going strong..the company I work for develops it!
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2011/2/13 10:19:29
Object Inspector and Object lock Hi Neil,
The tab button would be ideal - with a object inspector as you describe - I don't know if you are aware of Delphi? - but that has a gret object inspector, which can be used to click on the object you want and then change properties of that in one go.
I was not aware of the lock object, as like yourself to me that would mean the object could not be moved at all.


2011/2/12 10:37:28
Object Inspector and Object lock It would be really good to have a way of "Tabbing" through objects instead of having to click on them individually - as when dealing with smaller objects it's annoying if you do not click correctly and a larger object is chosen.

Also a object lock down would be good - I have found moving one object wrongly will mess up all other objects that I have spent ages in getting into the right place - Ctrl-Z does not seem to work, so a lock on the objects so that they cannot move would be perfect when setting up a scene.
2011/2/11 12:16:40
Switch instruments How can I change a characters object? - for example going from playing a acoustic guitar to a electric?
Or from sitting playing a piano to standing singing into a mic?
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2011/2/6 11:16:13
Lights shining shapes thanks for the tip Jim, I have gone through all the ase files and 4 of them matched the description but none crashed Muvizu when openining a blank set. I have started the set again and using Emily's tip, reduced the overall size and this seems to work now.
Thanks again

2011/2/2 15:37:44
Lights shining shapes glasgowjim wrote:
Hi again Pete,

I didn't realise that it was happening before it hit 2GB - do you remember what it was using when it came up?

I believe it was just under or just over 1GB.

glasgowjim wrote:

I also wasn't sure if you knew that Muvizu was only 32-bit and that a 64 bit version was in the works so I thought it would be best to put it simply so more people could understand it - I didn't mean to imply that you didn't understand the differences between 32 and 64 bit software

No problem - you should see some of the support questions I get! - didn't mean to sound ungrateful!

glasgowjim wrote:

This is something that we will be keeping an eye on as we are testing the upgraded version of the engine - especially when we get our hands on the 64-bit version.

I and I am sure everyone is looking forward to that...
2011/2/2 14:29:42
Lights shining shapes glasgowjim wrote:
Hi Pete,

At present Muvizu is only a 32-bit application and as such can only use 2GB of RAM - one of the things that the devs are working on is a 64-bit version that will be able to use the rest. Having the extra RAM is still beneficial as it allows background programmes (and even Windows) to run more easily along with Muvizu.

Take care,

I understand that Jim (I have worked in software for over 12 years) - however the error was happening before 2GB was being used..I am sure you agree that 32 bit applications should work fine on 64 bit machines even with so much RAM...incidentally the crash happened on a Win 7 32 bit with 2GB machine as well...hence the reason I thought i would let you know
2011/2/2 9:23:41
Lights shining shapes Emily wrote:
Is there no way that you can reduce the size of you set?

I have scaled the set to smaller and it seems to have worked - although I would prefer it if it was bigger, I will just have to get used to the idea of perspective!


2011/2/1 21:05:24
Lights shining shapes Too help out - I have been rebuilding the set step by step and am now getting a low memory error

This is despite my system having 8GB RAM

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