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2011/1/12 15:23:42
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Hi Jim,

That's what I have already tried - however I did not know about the export selected option - which would certainly make it a lot easier (I was removing parts manually and doing it that way which was obviously very time consuming!)
I will have another look at this later - thanks for the suggestion!

2011/1/10 16:08:12
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Hi Jim.
The ASE file alone was 23mb+ - that's what makes me wonder about how the sketchup does actually export the files and maybe there is something I am doing wrong - as said if I remove alot of the elements of the model I can eventually get it imported into Muvizu - although the performance suffers a lot and moving it around is painful - plus so much of the model is missing, it's hardly worth bothering with.
I have managed to send the file to the bugs address with details on how to reproduce - maybe it will be easier using these instructions

Hope this helps.

2011/1/10 15:30:52
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Hi Jim,
Thanks for the reply - Working in software support, I understand the need for clear details and I apologise if I was impatient in anyway.
I have zipped up the ase file along with the sketchup file and the log file. However the size of the file is over 21MB! - I am not sure how you get the file down to only 5MB....

What I am not sure about is that the sketchup file is reasonably small but the ASE file is massive! - is that where the problem stems from? - even though I have exploded the model and removed a lot of the elements it is still large - If I remove too much more, I will have nothing left!

I will try to send this from my yahoo account - however if you have any suggestions on reducing the file more that would be better.


Pete (Prefer that to Quoling )
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2011/1/8 11:00:51
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Any update on this? - is there a limit to the import size? -is there a way round it?
2010/12/31 12:50:02
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Emily wrote:
Ah - sorry to hear that!
It was the only suggestions that came to mind.

Can you email the object which is causing you problems to bugs@muvizu.com - we can look into it next week when the office opens again.



It's a bit big to email! - from the google sketchup warehouse search for "Queen Stage" and choose any of the "small" Queen Concert stage objects, export from sketchup and then try to create the object in muvizu - as said the problem seems to be related to the amount of mesh in the object or the size of the file itself - I have tried exploding the object in sketchup and then removing a lot of the components to see if that would help - it has in general, although I do still get the GPF.

Is there a limit to the size that Muvizu can import as a object?
2010/12/31 12:37:34
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Emily wrote:
Stupid question, but did you try scaling in down in SketchUp before exporting it?

Yes I did - I made it as small as possible - however the error is in reference to the amount of meshes and also seems to be due to the size of the created file.

Emily wrote:

Another suggestion - when you import the object into Muvizu - before you move it at all - right click the object and change the settings so that 'floats in the air' is checked. Often objects fall through the ground, causing Muvizu to crash, but if they are floating then they don't fall. Let me know if that helps.

Yes tried that and it still produces the GPF error.
2010/12/30 16:55:45
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup I am trying to import a "roof" of a stage I am creating for a movie - initially I wanted to import the entire stage but this caused a crash or error from Muvizu about the amount of meshes so I have cut the stage back to just the roof - but now when I import I get a general protection fault and Muvizu crashes.

When I import the object is never where I woule expect it to be...I have to scroll back to find the object and then move it - and if I get this wrong it crashes Muvizu.

Any suggestions on how to import either large and complex models or how to resolve the GPF?
2010/12/15 16:38:54
Import from Sketchup and replace instrument glasgowjim wrote:
Nice one! Fingers crossed that it turns out well

A long long way to go yet - got to get the stage done and then worry about the little things ...... don't hold your breath! Tin Foil Hat
2010/12/15 10:20:26
Import from Sketchup and replace instrument Hi Jim,
I tried a piano last night and it worked quite well - in fact it looked quite good!
Will try the others at some point.
2010/12/14 16:20:57
Import from Sketchup and replace instrument Thanks Jim - so the holdable objects cannot be "skinned" ?
I was hoping I would be able to do this for the guitar a piano and the drum kit....although for the drumkit my idea is just to add extra drums to the one that is already available..just to make it a bit bigger.

Are the keyboards objects as well? - as I could import a piano (Freddie didn't play keyboards) in the same way as the drumkit.

Mmmmm perhaps a rethink will be needed (maybe a bit ambitious for a first go anyway).... Whaaaaa?
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2010/12/14 16:04:26
Import from Sketchup and replace instrument I am thinking of an idea similar to that of the Quo video that has recently been uploaded - although mine will involve Queen - in Sketchup there are 3d models of Brian May's guitar - could I import this and replace a "instrument" with it? - would the character be able to use it in the same way? - how would I do this?


2010/12/14 16:02:40
Movie in background Would the monitor object not also do it? - I have had a avi movie running on a monitor....apologies if I have misunderstood - newbie!
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