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2012/3/7 20:16:03
Forrest Sets and animal suggestions Can we please have some forrest sets when the next version of Muvizu comes out. I mean an actual forrest. Lakes and rivers and trees.
Also can we have some new animals?
Thnx for reading.
2012/3/7 18:05:04
Produce a tree being cut down movement How do I make a tree look like it's being cut down?
2012/3/7 17:57:36
Add custom trees! Thank you so much again.
2012/3/7 15:59:56
Add custom trees! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Okay now can you repeat how to put it in again...
2012/3/7 3:32:52
Add custom trees! So as you guys no The lorax came out on Friday March 05 2012. I was making a replica of the original book and short episode. So I need a truffla tree. Can anybody tell me how I can make a custom tree?
2012/2/29 2:30:01
Need a few artists! Okay, so I've been gone for so long because of the fact that I've been in the midist of a big project. (i.e. not made with muvizu.)
I know I should make it with Muvizu since it's the muvizu site...but! The characters on Muvizu limit my creativity. So I call myself creating a "2D animation" and the fact is: I can't draw real people. I can draw cartoon people. But not real people.
I've been waiting to do this project for so long but I haven't had the time between my forum and my school work (End of the cardmarking=project week)
Let's get to the point: I need somebody to either draw me a few characters or just give me a sketch of a human outline. This would be so helpful!
Characters I need:
Character's design based on: Disney's Pocahontas
This is also the reason why I took down the Original Colors of the Wind video I did in January or December (I don't remember)
Colors of the Wind
Just Around the Riverbend
A few details:
She has long coal black hair like Pocahontas (Disney version)
She has brown eyes like Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
She is slender like typical Disney Princesses
She where's a traditional Native American outfit like Pocahontas
Her name is:
Willing to do it.
I'll be wiling to do the landscapes myself.
2012/2/2 1:39:37
MY NEW FORUM! Hi fellow Muvizuers it's been like what a few months since I posted anything?
So why am I here you ask? I have a new FORUM up.
What can you do on this forum you ask?

Well you can:
-Write Stories
-Share your movies
-And talk about MOVIEZ
So where's that link of mine? It can be found:

^4th time posting this ^
2012/1/27 23:08:26
Make people ride in a car!? Hopefully this action will be in the next update (and more boats.) Can you dumb it down for me?
2012/1/25 1:38:09
Make people ride in a car!? Nobody!?
2012/1/23 21:33:34
Make people ride in a car!? How do I make people ride in a car? Also is there in boats beside the pirate ship that I can download!? Thanks!
2012/1/1 20:51:08
Happy New Year! Happy New Year Everyone! Hope 2012 brings in some more videos!
2011/12/21 15:44:06
Download 3D assets? How do i download 3D assets?
2011/12/21 15:44:06
Download 3D assets? How do i download 3D assets?
2011/12/18 3:13:46
Wizplace Studios Poll... Just a simple poll. I'm doing a best of wizplace video for New Years Eve.
So if you go on my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/goldencherry77?feature=mhee
Then you will be able to watch all of them. Also hit the subscribe button!
Put here are the top videos for the Best of All time Award:
The Great American Melting Pot
Beauty and the Beast (Part I)
Love Story (Mariah Carey)
The Poll will be attached to!
Other video categories:
Most Dramatic Video
The Shortest Video
The Most Ridiculous Video
The Top Wizplace Video (The three above)
Most Educational Video
The Longest Video In Wizplace History
The First Video Ever Made
The Best Christmas Video (I'll post up another one)
But that's about it!
2011/12/18 3:04:30
I Have Two or Three Questions... Question 1: Any good FREE and EASY logo makers? I would like to know because I'm getting ready to add a second Youtube channel.
Question 2: Any good FREE blogs/website creators. I need to improve on my current site.
Question 3: How to make a good title sequence.
I put this under resources because most of them are resources.
Please anyone help me! I would like to launch my new channel for the new year soon! Thank You For Helping Me Out!
(Merry Christmas!)
2011/12/10 19:35:21
Unable to log into youtube account via muvizu Thanks I'll try it
2011/12/9 23:32:29
Create your own songs/soundtrack Thanks for the info! I hope to be using this in for my next projects
2011/12/9 23:29:55
Unable to log into youtube account via muvizu This is what happens every time I try to upload from the site via website.
Sorry, we were unable to associate your Muvizu and YouTube accounts.
It's very annoying
2011/12/9 0:25:52
Unable to log into youtube account via muvizu I am talking about uploading directly from the site and not the program it's self!
2011/12/8 0:33:20
Unable to log into youtube account via muvizu I am unable to connect my youtube account via muvizu's website but I am able to through the program. HELP ME!
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