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2011/12/3 1:43:23
Ugh! Muvizu is so frustrating! Thank you guys so much 4 the responses!
I'm making a video as we speak and shall be uploaded very soon as a Wizplace Comeback!
2011/12/1 23:12:15
Ugh! Muvizu is so frustrating! Thanks for the advice I'll do it and send you my feed back on Friday! OMG
2011/11/30 23:26:59
Ugh! Muvizu is so frustrating! I have one game that didn't work but I re installed that one and it worked perfectly.
I was using the 32 bit for muvziu and it didn't work that well after the new update...
I installed the 64 bit and it works okay
It keeps freezing up and I know it's not the graphics card!

2011/11/29 21:12:46
Ugh! Muvizu is so frustrating! As seen on my update Muvizu has gotten very frustrating!
It freezes...
It takes to long to load....
It upsets me....
I posted another form topic a while a go but of course it wasn't the graphics thingy....
Cause some other programs have not worked but i just reinstalled it and it worked perfectly...
Please and thankyou for reading this rant!
2011/11/25 5:24:28
New Version of Muvizu freezes! I was using the 32 bit and I tried the 64 and it works perfectly.
2011/11/23 1:46:29
New Version of Muvizu freezes! Every time I open Muvizu it freezes within the first couple of seconds!
It's the new version too I don't know what the problem is! HELP ME!
2011/7/29 20:46:09
Muvizu Won't Install properly! HELP! I've downloaded and installed Muvizu about six times now (the new version) and one of the componets won't install properly! Direct X 9! I've installed that part seperatly and it still won't install HELP ME!
2011/5/9 1:05:31
PICTURES! Not all my screen shots are saved
2011/4/12 4:03:05
PICTURES! Jamie wrote:
Danimal wrote:
I don't have that directory...

I think the directory is only created once a screenshot has been taken. Press F11 and then check the following directories -

On Windows XP : C:\Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\ScreenShots

On Windows 7 : C:\Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\ScreenShots
edited by Jamie on 07/04/2011[/quote

2011/4/7 2:06:10
PICTURES! Q: Where are the photos saved?
2011/1/21 20:57:14
Move an object like a car.... P: I can't figure out how to move an object.
BQ: I'm making a pirate movie and I'm on a part where the ship crashes into an island but I need it to look like It's actually crashing.
Q: How do I do it?
BQ= Because
Mood: Logic wins again!
2011/1/18 0:31:20
is windows moviemaker any good? I've been using Windows movie maker for my past projects and it's been good for me!
2011/1/18 0:28:02
PICTURES! tonethemoan wrote:
Hi! 'not quite sure what you mean. Do you want to display a picture as part of your scene - display it on a backdrop for example?

I've been seeing some pictures of characters on the site as "stills" and how do I take one inside the actual program if that helps a bit.
Mood: Hoping that would help!
2011/1/17 18:26:47
PICTURES! How do I take pictures on Muvizu?
Mood: Confused
2010/12/24 17:20:10
Fancy Credits I just use Windows Movie Maker and make em my self!
2010/12/24 17:15:47
how to import ASE BinaryGenesis wrote:
glasgowjim wrote:
Hello BinaryGenesis, thanks for trying Muvizu.

If you could please e-mail the model to bugs@muvizu.com with a brief explanation we can have a look at the model and see what is causing the crash.

Once we know what is causing the crash we can hopefully tell you how to work around it.

Take care,

Actually, I think I figured out what I was doing wrong. For anyone else who runs into this:

Prior to today, I didn't see the page where you explain how to name textures and id's here:

http://www.muvizu.com/Gallery/?t=3d at the bottom. I also didn't know I had to put texture in the same folder as my model.
I got it of the website and I don't know what to do help!?
2010/12/24 7:04:06
Christmas Muvizu laptop Maybe Santa will bring you an acer laptop!
2010/12/24 6:38:56
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) Thanx I really needed these now I can offically make my Christmas movie hey! And Christmas is tommrow!
Mood: Out done! Logic Thumbs Up
2010/12/23 17:17:38
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) Hey Just made a movie yesterday with it! Question: How do you make a Christmas tree and fireplace?
2010/12/21 18:57:16
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) THANKS! I'm doing a Christmas movie myself...I really needed this.
Question: Where did you get the Christmas tree? Mine won't log in so I don't have anything Christmasey Logic
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