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2011/5/29 19:40:37
Industrial-scale collaboration Has anyone even tried to search the term "Back to the Führer" on Google or YouTube, yet? There have been so many times when I've come up with such a fantastic, "original" idea, only to be shot down because someone else thought of it before me and posted it on YouTube.

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2011/5/28 20:15:51
Industrial-scale collaboration toonarama wrote:
I don't think that it is necessary to derail the other idea - it's a free country and if there is enough people that like it and want to collaborate then that's up to them. Personally I would give it a miss but that would be no great loss!

Same here. Just raising some questions.
2011/5/28 19:03:09
Industrial-scale collaboration To borrow a phrase from the Firesign Theatre (can't get them out of my mind), how about "Forward, Into the Past" as a title?
2011/5/28 17:50:27
Industrial-scale collaboration Hitler and the Nazis are the funniest thing we can think of? Time travel is a good start. My next vid involves a time machine (think ancient pickle), but I never found anything funny about Nazis.

For other inspiration, this video trailer (
) involves time travel (and stars my friend, Gary Colon to boot).

I hate to be "that guy", but I think Nazis are a no-go.
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2011/5/28 17:44:24
Compatibility: Old set files and the new Muvizu Lighting seems to be the common "problem". The other things that I mentioned (i.e.; camera cuts, objects moved), I am wondering if having both the last two Muvizu programs installed together, is causing the problem. I removed the old Muvizu and they now work (knock on wood).
2011/5/28 13:45:08
Compatibility: Old set files and the new Muvizu Danimal wrote:
I have noticed that old set files seem to have a brighter environment lighting and have nudged that down a bit on opening old set files.

Very odd. Mine come out darker. I have to nudge it up. Maybe the graphics cards?
2011/5/28 13:20:38
Compatibility: Old set files and the new Muvizu Anyone else have the same problem? I would load a .set file from the previous Muvizu into the newer Muvizu and several problems occur. Placement of objects, camera cuts, brightness and contrast controls, etc., are totally wrong.

We were instructed to install Muvizu right over the old Muvizu, but no one said anything about the .set files being incompatible. My solution is to have both versions (in two separate folders) available.
2011/5/25 16:15:42
The newest Muvizu release... claireq wrote:
Let's see who will be the first user to post a video using the new version! Big Grin

I hope you meant "watchable video".
2011/5/25 15:50:09
The newest Muvizu release... The 'wobblies' and the dark lights are just what I needed to complete the Nick Danger videos I'm making. Considering I will have 2 sets of characters fighting, simultaneously, against each other, it will be a blessing. With all the fights and sucker punches in the previous episodes, I could have used them earlier. Great release!
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2011/5/20 15:44:53
prOp Animations inlimbo wrote:
Thx Ziggy/Mysto. Excited to see if wrist accessories for props is something Muvizu can get behind.

I love your idea. I thought I could get away with not using props in my latest, but that was impossible (holding papers, guns, pickles, etc.) So, I fudged it using images on floating backgrounds. Very tedious to do. Something like you've proposed would be very "do-able".
2011/5/19 4:57:37
Nick Danger - Part 3 is now online America's Only Defective NICK DANGER!

Part 3 is now uploaded and online at

2011/5/16 6:43:39
Locations? I live in Phoenix, Arizona USA (Proof that Hell on Earth exists.)

Also, lived in LaLaLand as well (Los Angeles, well, actually Santa Monica, CA.) The land of fruits and nuts.
2011/5/15 6:19:49
Youtube and copyrighted music I've had to dispute music with YouTube as well. My "Batdork" cartoon uses "Flight of the Valkyries" recorded on an old Edison recorder and dates back to the 1920's. I had to dispute it when they disabled the audio. It's back the way it was.

Funny, though, I had a live action video short where I used "Back In the U.S.S.R." by the Beatles. It is now accompanied with an Amazon advert for the same song by some little known, soundalike (?) band called "Beat-Less".

Seems the best solution is to dispute any claim against your using copyrighted materials. It gets restored and it will take them years to process all these disputes, due to a high volume of them.
2011/5/8 2:58:02
Textures everywhere Danimal wrote:
I don't mind the hair, but I would most definitely back the ability to add custom textures to anything.

And wow, a Max Headroom reference?!? I'm sad to admit I got it...

Max Headroom was cool!
2011/4/30 15:16:54
A tutorial vid from Dreeko IanS wrote:
Great tutorial
Just need someone to make a cloud flying scene from Monkey Magic now!

Ohmighod! A live-action version of the animated "Alakazam the great" (American title)? That was the first movie I ever saw! Deliciously corny!
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2011/4/23 15:14:26
My latest video not appearing... Of course! I totally forgot about the holiday, let alone the weekend. Thanks.
2011/4/23 14:18:42
My latest video not appearing... I uploaded a video through Muvizu @ 2 am on April 22. 28 hours later and it's not here but it is on YouTube? Am I jumping the gun and should wait a little longer? I don't want it "lost" like 'mysto' had his "lost".
2011/4/22 14:29:23
Beat the Reaper (Firesign Theatre) New video based on a skit from the Firesign Theatre. Now looking for contestants!

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2011/4/11 19:36:57
Adv of Nick Danger (Part Two) Let's not forget that it's the Firesign Theatre that is responsible for the humor and voices. I just visualized it.

"That's a pickle!" - Nick Danger
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2011/4/11 6:02:03
Adv of Nick Danger (Part Two) Just uploaded

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