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2014/10/14 18:26:51
Digimania News primaveranz wrote:
I suspect a 100,000 user-base, is really just 100,000 downloads. So I hope they aren't basing any business plans on that figure.

Especially since only 2%, or less, of those actually use the software. (My unscientific estimate).
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2014/9/3 12:57:33
sinister attachment points I think the key word would be 'sinister'.
2014/8/31 14:13:20
The Future of Muvizu revealed! MrDrWho13 wrote:

Oh that gif!

Gif or jif?

2014/8/7 3:30:46
Muvizu Staff picks Just the fact that Muvizu is taking up to 10 days to approve a video is disconcerting. Digimania should put someone in charge of just the Muvizu site to at least look like they still care.

Beginning of the end?
2014/7/10 13:46:01
Copyright filchers! Strange happenings are afoot. Seems that the person specified as the owner of the public domain music was also hit with a copyright violation for using the same music as well. He fought it and won. I fought it and lost. Same music. Youtube is Jeckle & hyding on me. Four separate attempts by four different companies all claiming rights to a public domain song.

Then this morning, all claims were removed. There's no copyright notice, no 3rd party advertising attached to my video, it's as if it never happened.
2014/7/9 15:41:10
Copyright filchers! My video, "Batdork" is being slammed by no less than 4 "entities" for copyright violations. First it was WMG, then Koch Entertainment, then INgrooves and now it's RouteNote. I disputed the first 3 and won. (I fought the Koch brothers and the Koch brothers lost, hee hee). Amazing how these would be filchers want to lay claim to public domain music.

The dispute with RouteNote is still awaiting review.

2014/6/17 3:04:44
Fatal Error Message primaveranz wrote:
Have you logged a Support Call?
Actually does anyone know if these are being answered any more?

They are being answered. Why would you say otherwise?
2014/6/14 22:33:41
A question of scale? Amazing. This spammer probably doesn't even know what this site is all about. It's an animation software site. It has nothing to do with scales in the physical sense. You failed as a spammer. It's laughable.
2014/6/14 1:12:36
Muvizu main screen area continuously spinning. I suggest you submit your problem on a support ticket.

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2014/5/25 21:43:00
advice needed! i changed as public Did you upload it thru Muvizu or straight to Youtube? If you did not upload it thru Muvizu, it will not show up in the gallery.
2014/5/18 13:59:57
Hello fellow animators Give us the direct link to Youtube. The video will not appear on Muvizu until it gets moderated on Monday morning.
2014/5/4 5:12:36
muvizu is not downloading arshjot wrote:
i want to download muvizu. but whenever i wish to download it cancells giving message cancelled or network error .i have wi-fi .

I've always had a similar problem. You need to use a download manager program.
2014/4/30 6:51:41
New experimental video I removed the video. Experiment failed. Back to the Muvizu drawing board.Ton of Bricks
2014/4/29 13:54:01
New experimental video Well, my video "Cry" is gone again. I'm pretty sure it was Youtube who did something to make it unavailable again. The video is still on Youtube with no changes in its status. Arrrrgh!

That is all.
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2014/4/26 23:31:45
New experimental video I dnt evn own a mob device. Id lk 2 gt a tablet sumday, bt nt a cell ph. n txtN drivS me ^ d wall!
2014/4/25 12:41:26
New experimental video IanS wrote:
bigwally wrote:

Bigwally, this video isn't appearing in our system because we're getting a response back saying "Syndication of this video was restricted". You can change this setting for the video in YouTube.

Seems that they limited the video from being viewed on phones and mobile devices. I went ahead and disputed the copyright claim, even though I know I'm totally wrong. I know, I know. I will get a strike eventually and the video will be pulled and Godley and Creme's children will have to go without dinner. It will be the first strike ever (this year).

We'll see how this goes. Funny there's so much bother for a "lesser" video.
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2014/4/24 12:01:51
New experimental video Re-re-re-uploaded.

2014/4/23 12:18:29
My Muvizu video! Having the same problem here.
2014/4/22 12:30:22
New experimental video bigwally wrote:
I call it experimental because I don't know what else to call it. A diversion. Cool beans.

Using a simple spotlight projector, beaming Godley & Creme's "Cry" onto a 3-D skull, is how the effect is achieved.
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2014/4/22 11:59:28
Beware of "AntiGravity" Sorry Dreeko. This person (antigravity) exists for the sole purpose of trolling.
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