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2012/2/28 12:27:39
British animation industry at risk I was disturbed when I read that Wallace & Gromit, Bob the Builder and Peppa Pig et al are at risk. The BBC news report highlights the problem

Maybe we could do something to create our own Muvizu kids animations? I'm think children would enjoy it.. do you agree? So would it be possible to create lovable childrens characters for Muvizu so we'll be able to make our own animations for children everywhere to enjoy

As to the outcome with the UK animation industry the future currently does not look bright
2011/1/26 16:45:18
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Hi everyone my first post!

I have to say Muvizu, is FANTASTIC!!!!

BUT.. I'm working on my muvizu project and have run into the same problem that ziggy72 mentions above, the list of colours in the object properties window are too long for the model I've imported from Sketchup

Help please!
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