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2015/11/27 4:45:33
50% off until midnight Monday 30 November 2015 I'm about to purchase but it's showing the full price?
2011/9/11 9:51:03
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? A quick one could be a second guitar solo animation.
2011/3/4 9:59:49
A Few Suggestions A few more:
Feet rather than just shoes
Tunics / period costumes etc
2011/2/11 11:52:44
A Few Suggestions Also Musicians / Actors etc - Bow at end of performance
2011/2/11 8:57:35
A Few Suggestions Just a few ideas,

Hat- Deerstalker (Sherlock Holmes) & Pipe
Singer - Tambourine & some animations singing into microphone stand rather than into hand held microphone.
Percussion Player - Bongos etc
Ability to play guitar sitting down on stool
At least one more guitar solo animation
Boy - along with Girl - Old man & woman - Baby
Ukulele - Banjo- Hammond Organ
Reasonable sized preview window to check camera cuts etc on pre rendered video
When clicking on camera move to behind camera rather than in front of it so you can easily orient.
2011/1/19 11:01:25
Band Members To expand the band members it would be nice to have:
Trumpet & Sax for the horn section
Harmonica both the Dylan attached to collar type & a blues harp
A violin & Cello
And for some country a banjo
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