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2016/9/26 19:02:46
new here Thanks for all the information. I DID manage to get the ball on the table unfortunately it rolled right off. I noticed the table is curved for some reason. I have thought about building objects but wasn't sure what format they would have to be. I have 3D Builder software with my computer that I've fooled with a little. I'll see what I can figure out.

What is ziggymesh and do I need it?
2016/9/26 2:51:27
new here I'm confused, there's a pool table but no pool balls, cues, or rack. How would one go about making those? I tried putting a round ball onto the pool table but it won't drop onto it. It's like there's an invisible box around it. I would like the characters to be able to play the game. Or appear to play the game anyway. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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