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2014/2/10 23:46:04
Hitfilm and Muvizu possibilities I was grinning the whole way through that film. Absolutely wonderful stuff.
2014/1/31 22:52:02
Best settings for Sony Movie Studio OK. First time I've included a link in the forums. I included the link in the middle of a sentence not realising it would show the video in a window rather than just the link. First sentence should read "Don't know if anybody else will find this useful but check out the Guerillabill tutorial on http//.... for settings to use when encoding a film on sony movie studio"
2014/1/31 22:44:13
Best settings for Sony Movie Studio Don't know if anybody else will find this useful but check out the Guerillabill tutorial on
for settings to use when encoding a film on Sony movie studio.
I always used wmv for output from Sony but the quality took a hit no matter what I did with bitrates. The settings on this video though definately worked a treat for me. Bill mentions handbrake as well which is a great program but I didn't bother using that before uploading my video to youtube.
2014/1/6 23:41:49
Useful article - 30 basis camera shots Cheers for that. That's a cracking little article (especially with the examples).
2013/10/8 18:45:37
using a joystick I recently got a doohickey to let me use a wireless 360 controller on PC so I couldn't resist having a quick check of this.
Works flawlessly on navigating a scene but doesnt work at all when directing camera movement which is a shame as realistically it's the only time I'd use the feature (I get very confused very quickly when I try to direct camera movement and always end up pressing the wrong keys- guessing it's my age).
Nice to see how the software's evolving though.
2013/7/16 21:55:32
using a joystick Never used a joystick with muvizu but I have been using a program called joytokey (freeware) to map keys to a gamepad for games on pc. Should work with muvizu ok I would have thought (can't test it as I'm in a tent in Devon at present).
Check for a quick run through on configuring it.
2013/1/28 14:14:16
Only one colour on imported ase file Sorry it didn't work. I can't say much more I'm afraid as I don't know sketchup very well - I can only tell you what worked for me.
I can only suggest trying importing a different model in case the original model you are trying doesn't work well in Muvizu. I have just imported a caterham 7 and that does work ok (put car in sketchup search and it is the caterham on the first page). When I have imported the car into Muvizu and right click on the object in Muvizu it allowed me to adjust all the individual colours.
Good luck.
2013/1/26 18:05:35
Only one colour on imported ase file I couldnt get the Muvizu importer to work but Glasgowjim's video instructions work perfectly.
1) Download the Wicked HQ ASE importer from .

2) Follow the steps from Glasgowjim's video "Importing from sketchup part 1" to install the plugin.

3) To export from sketchup, go to "plugins" then "HardPCM's Exporter For Unreal Tournament" then "Export" then "ASE format". When saving, remember to include .ase at the end of the file name.

4) Import model into Muvizu. The options I have been using are.... "Don't use ID textures", Map alpha to "Opacity mask" and Facing "Double Sided".
2013/1/16 0:07:11
Only one colour on imported ase file The nice thing about sketchup is that so many people have put in time and effort creating stuff just for the pleasure of it then made it freely available for everyone to use same as people do on Muvizu. Kind of gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.
I doubt I will ever work up any great aptitude with sketchup creations unfortunately but the warehouse does open up the possibilty of making vids that otherwise wouldn't be possible.
2013/1/15 19:43:36
Only one colour on imported ase file Thanks for the replies folks.
Managed to finally get things working by using the exporter that Glasgowjim downloaded on his tutorial from "Wicked HQ" website rather than the muvizu ase exporter. I may have set up the muvizu exporter wrongly but thought I'd followed the instructions religiously (well I was on my knees praying it would blinking well work anyway).
Looking at the google warehouse now I feel a bit like a kid looking in the sweet shop window!
I know full well that I haven't got the skills to create much (if anything) in sketchup but there's so much there to import already that I think I can find most things I would want to use anyway.
2013/1/15 10:21:33
Only one colour on imported ase file Help!
I'm finally taking the plunge and trying to use sketchup but I'm having problems importing the ase file with the proper number of colour fields in the models properties.
I've followed Glasgowjim's excellent tutorial and can import the ase file to Muvizu OK but then properties only shows one colour rather than the 10 or so that there should be. I imported the Mustang 3d asset from the Muvizu site as a test and that works as it should so it's not the build of Muvizu. I've been trying to import exactly the same Mustang model from sketchup that Glasgowjim used (again as a test) but can still only get the one colour field.
Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but I can't find a thread. Can anybody suggest what I'm doing wrong?
2013/1/14 19:30:18
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Thanks folks. Still grinning from ear to ear about the win. I really wanted the microphone especially and could never have justified the cost of buying it (my kids keep insisting on being clothed and fed-selfish so and so's).
Must have put the darned code in 30 plus times trying to get it to work on youtube - was amazed when I finally got it to work!
2012/12/10 19:26:59
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) OK from now on I will double check if there is a 2nd page of replies to a topic! Feeling a bit daft that I posted an answer to something that had been solved already! Apologies.
2012/12/6 23:33:57
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) I had the same window problem. Was down to the fact that I had resized the objects on desktop.
To fix, go to control panel then personalization then display. Change the size back to smaller -100% (default) then apply. Open muvizu and hopefully you will get full screen loveliness.
2012/11/2 19:31:17
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Congrats to all. The vids really were great.
Of course with Bigwally pulling for you, you had an unfair advantage (had to mention that as his comment made me laugh out loud at work)
2012/10/31 12:43:20
How to.. ghost?!?!?! Only just noticed this topic.

On Halloween night out I did the ghost as a different animation with green screen background. Then I added the ghost on to the main video using chromakey on sony vegas. Pan and scanned to make it move.
Made it appear ghostly by decreasing opacity (if you use vegas, go to your clip on the timeline and place the cursor on the top line of the clip in the timeline. Keep left mouse buton pressed and drag down and this adjusts opacity)
2012/10/29 1:11:01
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! There is one thing missing from this video - the Muvizu watermark. I haven't left it out on purpose - all the clips seem to be encoding without adding that on at the moment for some reason.

2012/5/22 23:15:35
Tutorials on Sony Vegas No problems. These videos helped me loads.
2012/5/22 10:22:07
Tutorials on Sony Vegas OK, this is not just specifically useful for Muvizu but if you're using any iteration of Vegas and are trying to get to grips with it then go to youtube and type guerillabill (Bill Myers channel). When you are on the channel then just type vegas on the channel search bar and there are a ton of tutorials. For me at least, these are the best produced and most straightforward tutorials going and most are only about 3 minutes long.

The tutorials that helped me most for combining muvizu and live action were:
Secret for great chromakey (ie green screen)
Pan and crop
Slow motion

There are a load of little tricks on the other tutorials however that can be used to help add effects to muvizu.
2012/5/22 10:08:23
Kevin McLeod Music For free music can also try links from

It has a link to Kevin Mcleod's site but has links to a few other similar sites.
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