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2012/5/14 0:20:18
Stereoscopic 3d how to Thanks for the replies.
I must admit that I originally thought I was being a bit of a pioneer doing the stereoscopic 3d on Muvizu. Hadn't realised I was 2 years out of date. Bugger.
It's a shame there haven't been more 3d videos though because Muvizu is perfectly suited to it. Hopefully a few more may come through. I would imagine a big explosion scene with flying cars etc could be done really effectively in Muvizu in 3d (just seen the Avengers which made me think of that).
Thanks for the links tripfreak. I absolutely loved your website. Madly imaginative with a lot of laugh out loud stuff. Mind you, I'm still not sure about the buffalo S***.
2012/5/8 1:48:20
Stereoscopic 3d how to This is just a quick run through of how to get stereoscopic 3d from Muvizu. I agree that it's a gimmick but if you've got an old pair of red/blue glasses about in the house, it's a fun gimmick and pretty straightforward to do. If you don't have the glasses then they're cheap off ebay.

The software for combining your video is freeware "Stereomovie maker" and can be found at .There have been a few stereoscopic muvizu vids over the years and the 2 I found also used this program.

Quick how to on This is for video footage from cameras but the process is the same.

On Muvizu just have 2 cameras side by side literally touching each other. I tried different angles but just pointing the cameras perfectly parallel seems best. Then simply film the same scene from each camera to get 2 identical length movies. I output in Microsoft video 1 from muvizu.

Import your 2 videos into Stereomovie maker. The quick how to mentioned above on explains it far better than I could. However (aint there always a however) I found I could import video without sound ok but got an error when there was sound. This may be down to the codecs I have (or don't have) on my PC so you may not have a problem. If you do then my workaround was to convert Muvizu footage to wmv in sony vegas then import using "directshow via avisynth" option on stereomovie maker. There may be better options but this worked for me.

Aligning and outputting your video is explained in the how to as well. They only output as side by side but there is the option for anaglyph (ie red/blue glasses) also.

If you want to put your video on Youtube using their 3d options then on the advanced options on youtube you will have to click the option that the video is already in 3d (side by side option). Also include the tag yt3d:aspect=15.99:9
The video does seem to get a bit fuzzy in lower resolutions when downloaded so to view it in full screen properly on youtube, you will need to view it in full 1080 even if the video was only made in 720p.

I found that the 3d doesnt work too well in the foreground so I tended to have the characters further back.
If 3d doesn't work on a particular character/object then a palette change can make a huge difference (for anaglyph at least).

As I said, this is all a bit of a gimmick but I challenge anybody not to grin when they've done a scene where the 3d works well. I don't think there will ever be a great appetite for stereoscopic 3d Muvizu vids but it's worth doing a video, even if you don't publish it, just to see the effect of a fully 3d muvizu world.
2012/4/29 18:56:12
Um what happened to the old backdrop items ? Thanks for that post. I was wondering where everything had disappeared to as well.
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