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2011/11/11 17:48:04
Camera Options and Filters Thanks Ziggy downloading it as I type!
2011/11/11 17:43:53
Dreeko, Jamie,Jim,Marco,Emily & Ziggy Thanks Mick, well on the mend and my Mrs just got me tickets for the next home game...you watch they will sack Pardew or do something stupid like changing the name of the ground again before I get to St James twoforaquidasdapricesportsdirectindirectgoogleadultXXXvideo.com Arena!
2011/11/11 0:27:41
Dreeko, Jamie,Jim,Marco,Emily & Ziggy Thanks everyone for the comments, I'm enjoying every minute of Muvizu (not had the chance to miss fishing, although the beagle keeps looking longingly at the rod cases and bivvy) and feeling much much better, although still not used to wonky hand and leg causing frequent cries of profanity followed by the realisation that gravity does work. Told I can start thinking about getting back to work after Christmas, although I might have to think about a different line of work.

Next clip under way Marco but I'm waiting for that series of yours, looks superb!

They don't make fighters like they used to freakmoomin...I wonder how Frazier felt to be the first guy to plonk Ali on his rear end?

Your contribution Emily was the info on dimensions for backdrops etc. makes life a lot easier now I know what size to make all the images...oh and the gap tooth texture, talking of textures I keep meaning to put some of them up on the site every time I finish a clip but forget when I jump straight on with the next film. I will put some up tomorrow, promise.

Best regards

2011/11/10 23:45:01
Camera Options and Filters I had a try with the sepia but what I needed to do was 'chuck some lumps into the mixture'...at least I think thats the technical jargon. I'm trying to locate some descent free screen capture software so I can show what I mean...

and where do I find one of these brain things to plug into?
2011/11/9 10:20:41
Camera Options and Filters After making my latest clip in black and white, or monochrome, I realised a bit of a problem. On the 32 bit version of Muvizu I’m using the contrast and brightness sliders of the cameras seem to be set to fully on. This means that if I’m shooting a scene in black and white, no matter how well I light the scene, once I record in monochrome, the scene is washed out with no leeway to adjust the contrast.

I tried adjusting the contrast in the editing software I have, Pinnacle Studio 15 and Premier Elements 9, but sadly to no avail. After an afternoon watching some old movies I started to play around with Gimp & Photoshop Elements to see what exactly was missing from my clip, eventually I found what I was looking...and well Muvizu may be able to do it already...but I couldn’t work out how...so ...

(i) Can I have some more contrast to play with?

(ii) Is there a way to put a filter on the camera similar to overlaying an image with a layer set to multiply?

(iii) Better still is there a method of putting an effect similar to an adjustment layer onto the camera?

(iv) Can we have a choice of monochrome filters for the camera similar to the Black & White photo plugin available for Gimp?

(v) Oh and while we are at it how about a Technicolour plugin or, or the 3000 plugin!
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2011/11/8 22:38:04
Dreeko, Jamie,Jim,Marco,Emily & Ziggy Based on a comment made by Dreeko, a posting made by Emily, advice given by Ziggy and tutorials by Jamie,Jim and Marco...thanks to you all...
From the producers who gave you a thirty second injection of Muvizu to the brain comes an all new clip...
“Its better than my version!” is something Martin Scorsese did not say about this clip, although on the plus side he didn’t say “who the hell is Tim Johnson” neither did he mention a restraining order...still this is my little tribute to one of my all time favourite films. Its also dedicated to all those who wasted their time and money on the Hayes fight!
Created in Muvizu with characters, scenes and some effects created in Gimp, audio editing by Audacity, Music by kevin McCleod www.incompetech.com, some sound effects from www.freesound.org the rest from my shoe cupboard & kitchen drawers , video twiddling done with videodub & pinnacle Studio 15, I am proud to present...RAGING BULL****

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2011/11/5 10:45:25
Align animations within a take Thanks Ziggy! I'm improvising for all I'm worth! I think I may have cracked it...although...doh! back to improvising!
2011/11/3 0:29:50
Align animations within a take I've been fiddling around with the transparent AVI tutorial and hit a problem. Is there any way of synchronising the transparent AVI with the section of clip I'm trying to direct. I have a scene with two backdrops each with an animated movie. Each movie is the exact same number of frames at the same frame rate but they seem to be starting mid point through an animation cycle....or am I missing something here?
2011/11/1 23:41:33
Stop the trumpet noises? OK I know this is going to sound a bit daft...but every time I start the Muvizu program my pc blows a damned trumpet and I then have to give the okay for 'Muvizu to make changes to my computer'. How do I just make Muvizu load without the computer asking if its okay (I wouldn't have clicked the task bar button if it wasn't ok to load muvizu)...

I'm just getting a little frazzled with the repetitive tasks and trumpets.

Its only Muvizu that does this, even virtual dub just gets on with things without Satchmo joining in with a fanfare.
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2011/10/31 23:53:09
Muvizu Just Reset Itself Hi folks just finished rerecording some of the scenes...and now theres two more tutorials out there that I want to include in my clip....ahem!

I've had no crashes, but then I do save the file and then shut down muvizu before opening a new file, but I always keep the same codec and dimensions. I only have the 32 bit version of Muvizu installed as you advised that my machine although a 64bit machine would have a struggle to run the 64 version.

everything seems to be back to normal now so back on with the latest clip...now then...spotty youth in pyjamas meets old tramp in dressing gown, team up with Indiana Jones and a walking shag pile...and then there's the wookie....all go off and trash a black ping pong ball with a dent in it...surely its never been done?
2011/10/31 13:07:11
Muvizu Just Reset Itself Okay the air is a little blue at Timbo Towers this morning. I've just spent half a day animating and suddenly noticed that for some reason and totally undetected by me Muvizu had reset itself back to basic setup, which means the clips I recorded this morning are in the wrong codec and to the wrong dimensions. I only noticed when I came to stitch two clips together, ones in HD dimensions and the others are now in standard youtube.Whaaaaa?
2011/10/29 11:39:32
Muvizu TV Pi.. .. I mean PARTY? I think Muvizu TV is a great idea!
2011/10/27 23:37:13
Skirts for all - not as mad as it sounds, honest! Lets face it most of the Great British comedic characters involve a little cross dressing!
2011/10/26 22:03:14
Sketchup UV Tool kit On my never ending search to try and make my own models to use in Muvizu I came across this little nugget. A set of tools for helping to make UV maps in sketchup no less!

2011/10/23 2:05:29
Random requests! Just popping back to the tool box suggestion...I muvizu...ed my version of gimp...for some reason things seem easier to find on the screen.

How about adding a targa viewer to muvizu so I can get a look at the individual frames in a targa sequence before I get out the image editor? More often than not i find it easier to spot glitches in the animation by making a sequence and running through that.
2011/10/21 23:10:10
Nudge camera ? Hi Simon...didn't think of that but its helped get me on a lot further than I was...but here's a trick I just discovered...now no laughing...

...by wrapping a pair of ladies tights around the stroke affected arm, and then trapping the tights in the desk drawer...it's acting as a stabilizer and mouse control is achieved by leaning over to push the arm with the shoulder and the tights pull the arm back when i relax. Has drawbacks

1) The other half just popped round to see how I was getting on, and is now worried I've started cross dressing.

2) The beagle decided to join in and has got hold of the other end of the tights.

3) The other half failed to ask who's tights they were...I had assumed they were hers, but I'm expecting a phone call any minute!
2011/10/21 13:40:15
Nudge camera ? I've been trying to set up a shot for two days now, but as I'm sinister (cue manic laughter) left handed, and that's the side that's been affected, I'm having a devil of a job steering the cameras around muvizu. The closest I can get is by directing camera movement so I can steer the thing with the keys but I'm then having to fiddle with the time line to get three seconds of animation out of a scene that ends up longer than one of my posts! Is there any way of moving the camera's in normal mode to set up a shot other than the mouse? Or a work around so I can position the camera and then cut out the guff I don't need?

2011/10/21 1:28:56
The 30 Second News... Hey if you play it backwards its got the scoop on Gadaffi! Now that's journalismismism!
2011/10/19 12:42:07
Google Sketch Up Problem That damned toto.... first it's emerald slippers, houses falling on your head and flying monkeys...then its interfering with a blokes animation!
2011/10/19 9:32:32
Google Sketch Up Problem When you saved the sketchup model as an .ase file using the exporter did you remember to manually type .ase after naming the file as the exporter sometimes misses this step out?

At the minute I'm forever forgetting to do this and get the same message. Just nip back into sketchup, re-export and name your file 'name.ase' (whatever the name is) and muvizu will find the file.

hope this helps.
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