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2012/7/24 10:21:17
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Dylly said...
I'm getting old I tell you!

For old-age entertainment, google "You know you're getting old when..."

I'm feeling old today. My son smashed the front end of the SUV on the way home from where we bought it. Then my wife left the parking brake off the VW--the car rolled into our truck giving both a very good dent. All three vehicles in less than a week! Oh, my aching bones.
2012/7/21 9:48:15
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this
Mum continued, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a toffee hammer (a tiny hammer used by sweet manufacturers to break up slabs of sugar toffee). "I thought you could let him dry and knock the lumps off!"

Ah! This explains why I so disliked my mom's toffee...
2012/6/18 18:06:40
Banging my head against a wall... Just a shot in the dark here, but often antivirus software will interfere with sound files.You might try defeating your AV software while playing the mp3 in Muvizu

2012/5/31 2:26:15
Random answers to random questions Dylly, have you seen the YouTube channel that has a lot of Vegas help? It's

One for merging clips


(I hope I didn't take this thread OT--Sorry!)
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2012/4/11 17:51:46
Swiming Don't mean to go off-topic, but just wanted to say I hadn't seen this vid before--it's outstanding on all counts, including topnotch writing!
2012/3/14 4:28:18
Measuring Stick - Let me explain...
Oh and is the 16 units to the foot the reason why so many American women have car crashes?

No. There are many other reasons.
2012/2/9 18:35:09
Camera Overlays Dylly--

Your new Vegas Movie has a lot of capabilities, including green screen. I tried overlaying a Muvizu character onto a live action background and it worked pretty well. That might not be the answer to your question, but it opens up some possibilities.

I stumbled on a YouTube channel that has a lot of Vegas How-To videos, you can find it at They have a lot of skydiving videos there, but just scroll through them all to find some really helpful Vegas stuff.

2011/12/3 8:44:42
Sketchup Improves COLLADA import/export This may be of interest to anyone working with Muvizu/Sketchup

It's a blog post from the Sketchup team, regarding the release of Sketchup 8 M2, both Free and Pro

2011/12/3 8:40:55
Sketchup Improves COLLADA import/export This may be of interest to anyone working with Muvizu/Sketchup

It's a blog post from the Sketchup team, regarding the release of Sketchup 8 M2, both Free and Pro

2011/11/20 23:03:24
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ziggy72...

If I understand what you are describing, you'll notice that the end marker is at the beginning of the timeline: no audio. Drag that end marker out: The audio will reappear. Drag as far as you need for the length of the wav.

Hope this helps.

2011/10/20 18:11:36
Tales from Pastor Von Thanks! I hope to see Von and record more in January; hopefully I can spend more time doing the animation end of it.
2011/10/18 21:16:02
Tales from Pastor Von I thought you might like to see these, not for the animation which is extremely basic, but for the great stories this guy tells. Von is in his eighties now and has led an incredible life that would make Indiana Jones blush. Adventures in the Amazon, Africa and many other places.

He came to visit so I stuck a mic in his face and said, "Tell me some stories." These are they, unscripted, unrehearsed. Five tales of morality, aimed at kids but funny enough to entertain anyone.

BTW, it's AMAZING how much this cartoon character looks like Von! Muvizu is terrific--keep up the good wok.

Oh, and if you like the music (I love the riff at the end) let me know; I think the band would be pleased to see you use their tunes.

2011/9/24 0:39:24
Random requests! Once I've loaded up the buttons in the Character Actions window, I'd like to be able to rename the various actions to match the appropriate words in my script. Would just add a little convenience when directing.
2011/5/4 16:54:20
Scriptwriting competition Hi, everybody.

I'm not a screen or script writer, but I do write books and have for decades. I've been hanging out here at the forum for a couple of months.

The Muvizu clips I see produced here are often very good technically, but almost all of them suffer from one problem (IMHO): They are too long.

When you write, tell the story in the shortest time possible. I've seen seven-minutes vids that should be a minute and a half. Otherwise excellent, but simply too long.

Think of it this way. You are appealing to two types of viewer; those who love Muvizu and those who don't care about Muvizu at all, they just want to be entertained. Write for the second group. They are an unforgiving group--if they aren't entertained in the first few seconds, they will leave.

I think up to this point, most everyone here is trying to learn how to animate and how to squeeze the most out of the software. That's perfectly fine and must be done--but once you're ready to start writing at a higher level, keep 'em short until you've learned your craft and gained a fan base.

The good news is, I see some potentially great writers here. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with in the near future.

2011/3/2 17:37:39
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! Hello, Everybody

Tom here, a new Muvizu fan.

I wish my computer story were MY story but it happened to my best childhood friend Don: Bought the original home computer the Altair 8800, learned computers, started a computer company, sold it, himself and most of his employees to Microsoft and retired at 50 a multimillionaire. I'm a poor but honest cartoonist, but at least I live in Hawaii.

My dad was in charge of the "data processing" department of a large financial company back in the '60s so I got to play with the big IBM System 360s and a lot of cool stuff. My first computer was from Korea--can't remember the name except it was the Model D--in 1983.

Keep up the good work!
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