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2011/2/21 17:23:42
3DS Max ase does not open Thanks Jon but no joy,


It is with some regret that i must inform you of the following unecpected error :

The file is in an unknown format.

i have converted it to .ASE and still no luck will try a new image soon.
2011/2/19 17:23:14
3DS Max ase does not open Hi, I am new and very excitied to have found this comunity.

My question is since the tut video has there been any update on the 3DS max ase files being used with muvizu, I keep getting an error message when i try to import a whale which i made using 3DS max.

I have so many idea's and plan on making a mini series animation, so if anyone can explain in full this process it would be fantastic to use my own creations, Thanks
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