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2011/8/20 22:49:47
STAR WARS part one is now on you tube It was interesting to hear the score. I just recently watched the only actual version of Superman and while I realize it's the same composer, the music is really, really, really, really similar.
2011/8/20 2:01:08
Send tutorial requests to Muvizu HQ I second the "show us just what's new" idea as well. Show how it works now in comparison with the old version so I'm not screaming and cursing any more than I normally am.

Looking forward to the new version!
2011/8/17 0:18:41
Shameless Self Promotion, Anyone? Complete non-Muvizu related, but my second album has been released. You can check out song samples and download it here:


Or buy the actual disc here (CDs are on sale for the next two days):


Oh, and what the hell, why not like the band on Facebook:


I'd say "enjoy," but I'm not sure how likely that is, haha. Thanks for reading.
2011/8/16 12:36:33
Saw Trailer ( Muvizu ) Wow - looks great! Excellent editing and effects.
2011/8/15 12:41:49
A new music video from me Nicely animated and a couple of genuine laughs in there. Well done!
2011/8/15 0:05:48
My first movie Looks good to me!
2011/8/13 12:13:26
fight scene problems Had a similar problem in a scene I did using the "Fall Off the Building" movement. Like you, I discovered it was tied to the movements. I had to change the scene to do movements then actions. Could have been the other way around, I don't have the set file any more. It was definitely the order that was goffing it up though.
2011/8/12 12:37:03
Alt F2 Movie Absolute insanity - marvelous! I saw a familiar scene in there too...
2011/8/11 12:33:26
Just a quick... Welcome aboard and keep us posted!
2011/8/10 19:42:55
Remove Character Actions i agree
2011/8/8 23:42:13
Nick Danger episodes removed from Muvizu Hmm, how about that. Just noticed my Best Show Ever promo is gone. Had it not been for this thread, I would have just guessed it's because it stunk, haha.
2011/8/7 23:15:15
How do I save a character? You can either save the whole set file or go to Create-->Characters then hit the Favorites button. As long as your character doesn't have any custom skin or decals you'll be able to save him for future use.
2011/8/1 20:05:20
MIIVIES ziggy72 wrote:
That is quite nice...a waypoint system for walking, or you can use keys

And so the drooling begins.

I didn't see any prices listed on there, but I really didn't look around too much and I can't watch any of the videos as YouTube is blocked at work. Doesn't look like there's much in the way of character and set development though.

Doesn't matter anyway, I'm perfectly content with Muvizu. Except for that *#$%^&$%*! camera movement system... Goofus
2011/7/30 23:27:53
Can't save favourite character Rename and Delete will only work when dealing with an existing Favorite. If the character has decals or custom skin textures it won't let you save the favorite either. Remove those and you'll be OK.
2011/7/30 14:34:37
Upload pictures?! You can use the picture, but it won't import like an object, but as a picture.

Just create a backdrop, right click on it to bring up its properties window, then hit the "Edit" button next to the picture, and in the bottom left you'll see "Import." Click on that and browse to your picture.

I hope this helps.
2011/7/30 0:29:53
Muvizu Won't Install properly! HELP! From your update it sounds like you got it up and running... yes?
2011/7/30 0:29:32
Can't make movie :( What is the error message you receive?
2011/7/29 20:21:20
Me and My Shaaaaaadow... In making the Sci-Fi Dungeon clip I notcied the shadows behaving strangely. In addition to some objects casting shadows through other objects as Dreeko previously noted, I also found that the shadows kind of "dance" around. Check the clip and pay attention to the shadows. The scene with the slow zoom on the Captors after Dan gets off the rack and gives them the thumbs up is a good one to check.

The shadows on the wall behind them dances around as if possessed. It happens in all the scenes, that's just a good long shot that gives you a chance to really notice it.

Any idea why? Is it a result of anti-aliasing? Not using Individual Shadows? Just a goofy glitch? I admit I tried Individual Shadows and still noticed the dancing but I didn't try looking without the anti-aliasing.

It's not terribly noticeable or distracting, it just somehow makes everyone look like there around a campfire even when the lighting is constanct.

Just thought I'd bring it up in case someone knew a solution. Thanks!
2011/7/29 20:16:33
Sci-Fi Dungeon Thanks for the comments!

And also for the interest. To make the whole video took a week and a half working about an hour to an hour and a half per day on it, not counting the recording and mixing of the song.

The storyboard had 34 panels and I added one additional shot (the close-up of the video boxes in The Captors' hands). I broke those 34 panels into 6 clips which used the 4 cameras to break up the shots. Some of them could be done with the same camera, for instance the pan across the chained Bones & Frans and then the slightly farther back shot of me looking scared were done with the same camera in the same clip. I made the castle and the dungeon set, then duplicated them so that each camera had its own set.

The video was edited in Sony Vegas. When I saved the clips I put the corresponding shot numbers as the file name (like "1-2-7-15-24.avi") so I could literally just drop them into Vegas in order then trim them to make the final correct running order.

Honestly, the only snag I ran into was figuring out how to import a clip from a DVD for the scene where you see the characters in the theater watching. That has nothing to do with Muvizu though, that was in the editing stage.

The other snag is in the lip sync. I know that characters don't tend to sync well to music so I actually recorded myself just speaking the lines. They still did all kinds of crazy mouth work and I don't think anyone looks like they're actually singing along.

I hope this is what you were asking for, I didn't mean to drone on so much, haha.
2011/7/29 3:49:59
Sci-Fi Dungeon Many moons ago some friends and I concocted a cable access show based on the orignal MST3000. It was all set to go, but then... TRAGEDY STRUCK! We realized we were all lazy oafs. Well also back then getting episodes of TV shows was not really all that possible, so it was shelved.

But thanks to DVD and Muvizu the dream lives on! I really enjoyed seeing this decade old pipe dream become reality, and I'm even doing the music.

I hope you enjoy it. Or at least comment pretending you did...

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