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2011/7/28 17:03:31
Here's a new one This has not been my experience. I've opened sets with decals on the characters many times after exiting and reopening. Is this something unique to the 64-bit version?
2011/7/27 17:55:31
Instead of waypoints... Wizaerd wrote:
the philosophy is "hey, you don't like what we've added, or not added, go somewhere else, it's not like you bought this..."

I think most pay software has this attitude in spades as well. "Don't like it? Who cares, we got your money, sucker!" Anything ever created by Adobe come screaming to mind here. Especially the "sucker" part.

I'm glad we were able to concur that the "waypoints" and "keyframes" we were talking about were, in fact, the same thing. I guess that's what I get for only doing 3 seconds of research on waypoints. ROFLMAO
2011/7/27 13:31:45
Instead of waypoints... I'm not fully familiar with waypoints, but it was my understanding that they somehow used coordinates or something that sounded awfully confusing. Keyframes work like so: just put the camera where you want it to start, put it where you want it to end, and the program automatically does the movement for you. Is this the same for waypoints?
2011/7/27 12:38:40
Instead of waypoints... Dreeko wrote:
I was suggesting that there should be one version with all the desired features that could be accessed by advanced users when required.

Bingo. Great idea!

And I think we have gotten the Muvizu HQ view on these notions many times over. Personally, I'd rather they keep working on the new features we request rather than re-answering the same questions worded slightly differently.

But really guys, how about those keyframes? laugh
2011/7/26 23:37:12
Instead of waypoints... I don't see why both systems couldn't be offered in the same program. As it stands you can use the keyboard or the mouse to move cameras, why not a third method?

I've seen across numbers of threads the notion to "pay for more features." I'm pretty sure the Muvizu team always replies to this with "Muvizu will always be free." Honestly, I hate software that tiers its features. Make it as is and sell it for a price. Or in this case, give it away for nothing. Let me choose what I want to use, not your price structure.

I'm speaking way out of turn here, but I don't think that the Muvizu team hasn't implemented the features we want because we're not paying for them, more like it's just taking them time to get them implemented correctly.
2011/7/26 18:21:28
Instead of waypoints... i agree

Jumping, stomping, screaming agreement with this. Camera starts here, ends here, movement occurs. Oh how I would love that. In fact, every time I do even the slightest camera movement only to have to go horribly awry I curse about the lack of a basic keyframe system.
2011/7/25 16:20:44
Imported object collision If it's any consolation - and I don't know why it would be - I was never able to get collision to work with Sketchup either, even with following the tutorial point by point.

After watching Jonbez's tutorial on the rocks I tried an experiment in Carrara though And was able to create an object with a little bitty cube inside it that acted as the collision so it sat on the ground but was almost completely permeable. I don't even remember how I did it now, I'll have to go back and see if I can replicate it. I'm thinking that would work for your needs as well but don't ask me how to do it in Sketchup.
2011/7/24 12:46:19
Static Mode As long as the caerma is static as well, Dreeko's suggestion of the screen capture works very well, I've used that before.

As I mentioned, there are poses that freeze motion and hold forever, none of them are a standard "arms at the side" stance though.
2011/7/24 1:04:11
v0.16b Feedback While it's almost certainly something I'm doing, I've noticed that the "Look at speed" slider seems to have no effect on the actual turning speed of the head or eyes any more. Again, maybe that's just how it looks in preview mode or something, when it makes the final movie it comes out OK? It seems to look right when doing the animation, but during playback it's the same snap speed.

Again, probably something I'm doing...
2011/7/23 23:03:44
Character Swap Wizaerd wrote:
I'm still horrible with camera positioning on the fly

You and me both.

And I have definitely used the duplicate set method you describe.
2011/7/23 22:59:40
Static Mode Well I guess it's a bit late as the problem is solved, but what the hell:

Many of the poses characters strike freeze them as well. Points and hands right/left/wherever come to mind. The Superhero "idle" pose also freezes movement. I'm sure there's more, those are just the ones that come to mind.
2011/7/22 20:30:50
Colour picker/eyedropper Dreeko wrote:
As interfaces go, it's got to be one of the easiest to pick up you have to admit..

I had a cartoon made in about an hour after first downloading it. I love the interface. I love that it uses the keyboard. I love the array of actions and moods. I love the automatic lipsyncing.

The movement, however, causes me to cringe even just to think about it. I've gotten to be about 5% good at character movement. Object and camera movement, I'd put myself at the negative end of that scale. At least you can use the keyboard for that too, as little good as it ever does me.
2011/7/22 15:50:28
Colour picker/eyedropper I can just see it: I'll finally get used to the quirky camera and character movement and--BAM--a whole new quirky interface to learn.laugh
2011/7/22 15:48:11
Character Texture maps Try having two separate layers: one with the guidelines and one where you do your actual coloring/drawing. Then when you save the PNG, only save the layer with the coloring.

I actually do three layers - one pure white, one with the lines, and one to draw/color. Makes the lines easier to see against the checkerboard background.
2011/7/22 3:04:17
What are these features? It's not true. I escaped the SkyDome earlier. Donald Pleasence helped me!

The list sounds like bug fixes, not new features. I'd imagine the last version had glitches as described that are now no longer there.
2011/7/20 16:26:35
v0.16b Feedback I'd never thought of it in terms of animation cycles but that makes perfect sense as to why they over-shoot the mark on short distances. I usually just stage the scene so they start farther back. Or don't move at all, haha.
2011/7/20 12:53:08
Character Texture maps Most excellent tutorial - thanks!
2011/7/20 12:43:29
Interface & Timeline I think that's more a matter of planning out the scene. You should always leave two seconds before you actually start animating anything. That gives you just that cushion you need.
2011/7/19 13:21:38
Character Texture maps I don't have a Photobucket account or anything to post images, but so far I've kept it simple and have just been kind of playing around, though it was nice to give Commando Pete the sleeveless undershirt, chest hair, and shoulder tattoo his original design had.

I'm going to be playing with this feature so much I may well forget about no hand accessories to make it look like characters are holding things. Oh wait, I just brought it up. D'OH!
2011/7/19 12:34:43
v0.16b Feedback mcmillan-ra wrote:
The movement system works in the same way, but it should now stop where you'd expect it to, rather than over shooting the point you'd walked to.

This was not my experience. There was still a bit of a stop and slide. And when doing short movements, the character still steps to the edge of the movement circle rather than the center where I stop the arrow. Since this is how it's always worked for me, no complaints.

I also still get the Windows popup asking me if I'm sure I want to run Muvizu when I start it. Not even an issue anymore since I've gotten so used to it.
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