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2011/5/26 12:37:10
Oi vey, again with the Vista! laugh

OK, thanks! It's really just an extra mouse click, I suppose I'm being nitpicky, just pointing it out because it didn't do it before.

Thanks again!
2011/5/26 3:24:13
Objects drop behind background No problem, everyone's new at some point. The tree drops in behind the background by default. There's two ways around this:

1- after dropping in the tree, select it and hold both mouse buttons down. This allows you to lift the tree up in the air. Once up in the air, let go of the right mouse button. This will allow you to drag the mouse toward you and over the top of the background, then release the button to drop it into place.

2 - before adding the tree, select the backdrop and hold the left mouse button, pushing it away frmo you and moving it into the distance. When you create the tree it'll drop into place in front of the backdrop.

I hope this helps!
2011/5/26 2:59:37
Objects drop behind background Are you using a backdrop or the standard Muvizu sky dome?
2011/5/26 2:58:45
Oi vey, again with the Vista! OK, I'm loving the new release. It's wonderous. Here's one thing that's a mild annoyance, perhaps there's a way around it:

Every time I open the program, I get the Vista window asking me to confirm opening an unknown program. This never happened with the last version. Surely there is some way around this? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!*

*(any advice except "stop using Vista," haha)
2011/5/26 2:56:08
The newest Muvizu release... I haven't noticed any of the glitches noted here, and importing an MP3 actually took LESS time. I have only found one slight glitch and I'll start a new thread for it.

On the flip side, I love the new character movements. Simply awesome! FINALLY, we can have a character laying down. Whoops, hang on, I guess I have noticed a glitch then, which is the initial state overrides the preview, as Ziggy noted above. Also the previews last about a millisecond before returning to the idle stance, but it's nothing too bad.

And hey, even the forum is different because the posting window doesn't double space automatically when you hit enter. AND we've got a Facebook portal. So many great changes... sensory... overload...
2011/5/25 16:03:01
The newest Muvizu release... I'm downloading it too! Oh wait no, I stuck at work... shake head
2011/5/24 23:59:03
Industrial-scale collaboration Love it. Makes me want to do my best Christopher Lloyd with a German accent.

2011/5/24 12:40:28
Math Videos I really liked them. Nothing will get people into learning more than applying what they've learned, and this is an excellent way of doing just that. Great job!
2011/5/23 15:13:51
prOp Animations Proving once again... optimism is always bad.
2011/5/23 12:44:06
Garage Band Trailer... Looks great! I know we just had a thread about this not long ago, but what video editing software are you using again>
2011/5/20 17:20:33
Industrial-scale collaboration Sit back and bark orders? NOW you're talking my language!

Everyone, ummmm, work a little harder. Let's get this done by end of June!
2011/5/20 17:18:42
prOp Animations bigwally wrote:
images on floating backgrounds. Very tedious to do.

This is something of an understatement.

Being an optimist, I'm putting two things together here: the Muvizu devs' curious lack of a reply to the thread, even if only to tell us to shut up, and the fact that the little teaser video for the new version mentioned tons of new accessories. I'm hoping perhaps this very feature is already sketchily implemented and they're just waiting to tell us? Maybe? Possibly?
2011/5/19 0:37:40
Muvizu movie Vote I generally do best at the "spoof" genre, but that's when working alone. In collaboration I'd be happy to try any or all of those.
2011/5/18 23:43:19
Industrial-scale collaboration If I could somehow do none of that but get all the credit, I'd be first to sign up!

I'm still very new to using the software and getting the results I imagine but I sure do love acting and can throw out a voice or two. I've also found a real enjoyment in the editing process. Anyone needing help? I'd be happy to give it a shot.

As for my vision, I think the good news is that it can't be compromised since I have none. laugh
2011/5/18 16:56:58
Industrial-scale collaboration I'm not working with anyone because I cannot let my artistic vision be compromised.

Or no wait, it's probably because I'm a jerk. One or the other...
2011/5/18 16:55:30
Eyeball movement Very helpful - thanks!
2011/5/17 22:44:49
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Commented on YouTube but it bears repeating: that is great work. The camera work and actions make this look very real. Easy to forget I'm watching a cartoon.
2011/5/13 0:02:07
Coming soon I'm drooling already - this looks AWESOME!
2011/5/10 13:12:58
Holding Poses mid animation I'm sure you weren't must have been something different in the machine. I was actually hoping it would work on mine as it would be a valuable feature!
2011/5/10 12:52:10
Holding Poses mid animation Just for fun I just tried the stop recording trick and it didn't work for me. The character froze when I stopped recording but resumed the movement when I started again.
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