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2015/9/2 12:27:18
Cool News.. MrDrWho13 wrote:
the store will probably take a week or two to implement.

But it's already been a DAY... isn't that cause to complain yet? Just Kidding
2015/8/24 13:51:25
Loser ( 3d animated short ). Excellent work! It's the little things that get me, and when the castaway first lifts his head to look at the boat, it was so smoothly done I just had to smile. Just wonderful.
2015/8/10 19:50:01
Quadrapeds? I still haven't tried downloading the game, but if this is something that could also be used, it sounds pretty cool:

you can create every aspect of your universe: creatures, vehicles, buildings, and even starships

This sounds like it would really open up what can be used. I'm about as terrible with 3D modeling as it gets, this is pretty intriguing!
2015/8/10 13:28:15
Quadrapeds? braj wrote:
allowing us to define phonemes with keyframes would be wonderful.

This sounds very Anime Studio/Papagayo-ish to me. Hmmm, that username looks familiar too...

Anyway, welcome aboard. That game and creation tool sounds interesting. I wonder if there's a way to go from the Collada export to FBX, which Muvizu does support?
2015/7/8 18:00:14
It's all happening here! urbanlamb wrote:
What I want to see is a keyframe system with coordinates and a path/track to put the cameras on.

Without a doubt this would be incredible. The mysterious/mythical email did mention something related to keyframing being added in a future release but didn't specify what. We can always hope!
2015/7/8 15:54:49
It's all happening here! ziggy72 wrote:
the AO is already helping.

I admittedly only played with the new version for 10 minutes tops, but I couldn't for the life of me tell what the A.O. was doing until I got it up to its extreme settings, then everything just looked like one big shadow.

Also, where is this Bloom feature? And though everyone says it's faster, it took longer to load my super primitive sets. Definitely no error messages though!
2015/7/7 19:46:50
It's all happening here! urbanlamb wrote:
We also need a better camera system this is the biggest handicap in this software

i agreeApplause
2015/7/7 14:43:47
It's all happening here! ukBerty wrote:
I'm guessing the email does not go to users who have already bought the software.

I've bought it and I got the email.

toonarama wrote:
I don't suppose there is any mention of importing animations and/or characters?

There is not, no.

toonarama wrote:
I didn't get the email either but I had to recomplete my registration so that might have something to do with it.

I had to recomplete my registration before I could post on this thread above, but nonetheless I still got the email. It looked like a typical "look what's new" email I've gotten before. What I didn't know, however, is that a new version is already out!
2015/7/6 17:28:42
It's all happening here! Looks like a pretty great update!
2015/6/17 15:23:03
Typing Text and Importing it onto a TV Screen OK, once you have the TV in the scene:

1 - Right click on it
2 - Select "Edit" to open the edit window
3 - Click the arrow next to "Properties" to expand it
4 - Click the little thumbnail next to "Screen Image"
5 - Select "Import" in the lower left of the window that pops up
6 - Navigate to your image

That will put on the screen whatever you like. You can also use AVI files if you want something to actually be moving. You can even assign one of the cameras to it so you can animate something live to appear onscreen.

Hope this helps!
2015/6/16 14:00:50
Typing Text and Importing it onto a TV Screen Sorry for the delay, there were about 10000000 posts that bounced yours off the screen and I didn't see this until now.

The options are in the TV edit menu. I don't have Muvizu right in front of me, but I believe you right click on the TV and select Edit or Edit Object or something like that. That will bring up the window with the options for the TV. You can pick its color and also what shows on the screen. This is where you'll import your PNG. Don't use the Create-->Import option, that's only for importing new objects.

I'll check for sure when I get home but I think those should be the steps for you.
2015/6/15 13:48:52
Assistance ukBerty wrote:
Honestly, I have tried all ways round and these are the best rules.

You may want models to work as they should and have integrity, but collision is not your friend within Muvizu.

Good Posting

This should be posted somewhere in huge, bold letters. They are indeed the best rules and save TONS of time and frustration!
2015/6/10 12:26:54
Typing Text and Importing it onto a TV Screen Are you using the TV that's in Muvizu? If so, if you click to edit the TV, there should be an option to import an image for the screen. You'll do this through the TV edit, not under the Create menu, which is going to look for actual models to import.

You could also just use a basic backdrop for the whiteboard. Same thing there, you'll import the texture while editing the backdrop, not under "Create."

I hope this helps!
2015/6/5 13:47:10
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? Valero wrote:
this deficiency

shake head
2015/6/4 23:26:53
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? drmark wrote:
It's slows one down considerably having the work with one single, and often very long track for a single character.

I think it would be more fair to say it slows you down as I've suffered no ill effects from the current implementation and find it a wonderfully simple approach. Multiple tracks flying around? More stuff = more complicated.

Now this makes sense. It's a case of blaming the tool rather than the user. If that system is what would make it work better for you, then it would be great to implement it and then we could each use the system we prefer. That said...

dreeko wrote:
everyone has their own favourite must have feature... There are (in my opinion) greater things which Muvizu lacks that neither I or anyone else can achieve without a change to the software and it's these that I would like to see appear first.

What He Said
2015/6/4 20:18:13
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? Dreeko wrote:
Different strokes for different folks.

Now this makes sense. Where I'm confused is where there is any limitation or design flaw in the software that keeps getting discussed. It seems more like "different strokes means something's wrong with the brush."
2015/6/4 11:15:30
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? urbanlamb wrote:
the intended muvizu way is to lump all the dialogue into a single audio file and use shush and talk to that

This is how I've always done it. It's quick and it's easy. In fact, this entire thread is somewhat baffling to me... dunno
2015/5/28 14:38:47
Children characters...anywhere ?.... There's a Boy and Girl character who look more child-like than the Man/Woman characters, but nothing like what you're describing, which sounds almost anime-ish.
2015/5/28 14:37:18
Hi all. Welcome aboard! Looking forward to your work!
2015/5/6 18:04:42
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