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2014/11/28 11:49:39
Black Friday EEK!
2014/11/27 14:06:01
How can I change the image of this newspaper? That image is built into the scene. To change it, you can make your own and use it instead of the one already in there. OR... maybe if you ask really nicely, Dreeko (who built that set for the awesome "Staundoone") may just send you the image so you can just change the parts you need.
2014/11/21 15:36:42
Digimania News Dreeko wrote:
If some of the renderdm features are allowed to tumble downhill and be absorbed into Muvizu.


RenderDigimania Web Site wrote:
The properties of lights and cameras can be keyframed within RenderDm and simple motion paths with linear interpolation between keyframes can be created for cameras, lights, primitive objects

Oh please, please, PLEASE if nothing else, let it be this feature! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!?!?!
2014/11/21 12:09:57
Toccata in D minor fazz68 wrote:
D minor

It's the saddest of all keys, really. I don't know why but it just makes people weep instantly.

Outstanding set and it must have taken an eternity to get that sync with the playing down as well as you got it. VERY nice!
2014/11/20 3:30:56
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator I've done green screening and basic compositiing before in Vegas. I'm referring more to the head-spinning node system as shown in that earlier video where there were 8,000 modules connected in what appeared to be the most complicated network of confusion ever.

I readily admit I'm not the majority here. Technical stuff like this baffles and in many ways bores me. Most people will not feel this way I'm sure.
2014/11/19 21:05:53
intro test, would love feed back ziggy72 wrote:
The city is my old Hipster Bebop Junkies set

Oh. Well in that case I do like the large city YOU built Blush
2014/11/19 12:21:19
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator Thanks for posting these - hopefully they'll help even someone totally daunted like me!
2014/11/18 12:21:24
intro test, would love feed back Character movement looked good except at the 24 second mark or so when it cuts to the wide shot and the guy is just sort of standing there. Also, the intro goes between black & white and color for reasons I can't determine. I do like the large city you built though.

And as much as I hate to disappoint you, you probably won't see me pee in my pants. Well, you might. I tend to do that anyway.

Looks good!
2014/11/17 13:58:27
Hello! I was just wondering... The "custom moves" is where your question gets voided. Muvizu has pre-made actions you assign to your characters.

On the good side of things, there are several dance moves and fighting actions already built in, so it just may do what you need.
2014/11/15 12:16:24
Gallery? Interesting. Thanks for letting me know!
2014/11/14 13:23:58
Heres another (soon to be available) app (not PC) For free it'll be something to try and play around with, but it doesn't look terribly promising. Spock

Whoops, missed this part:

toonarama wrote:
(not PC)

Never mind, it lost what little promise it once had.
edited by Danimal on 14/11/2014
2014/11/14 13:21:32
Gallery? Is there just a dry well of new videos being posted or is something wrong with the gallery? The last video shows uploaded nearly two weeks ago? I know I was away for a while but it seems there were new videos every day before.
2014/11/12 15:16:54
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator That tutorial had me just about completely lost by about the 4 minute mark. I'll probably snag it while it's free to download, but this really looks somewhat baffling.
2014/11/11 11:58:37
trailer At about the minute mark when the guy gets up from spinning on the ground his hips do things hips don't normally do. Ouch! Otherwise this is a fun video, though it doesn't really describe what it's a trailer for...?
2014/11/8 18:30:35
General Video Editing Advice Needed LugofilmLtd wrote:
Tutorials, ho!

Glad it worked. I also often order my ho to bring me tutorials! laugh
2014/11/7 13:15:44
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT Well lookee here, I was storming in to post about this very topic and here it already is. Maybe there is something to this Search function after all.

Downloaded Sketchup 8 and all is well again. Thanks!
2014/11/5 12:01:18
Can Muvizu fill the gap? Dreeko wrote:
I personally have a number of ideas to chuck at it but I'd like to hear what the forum thinks (I'd like to hear what muvizu HQ thinks too incidentally but I doubt they'll say much)

Let's hear 'em, Dreeko! I'll bet basic facial animation is in there somewhere, but I'm curious as to what else since you're one to push this software's limits since its origin.
2014/11/5 11:59:33
Can Muvizu fill the gap? Those preview videos are tempting, but the proof is in the pudding. In general, the actual products fall well short of that mark. There's a distinct effort to try and make the end product more realistic, and it doesn't look that way at all.

For me, what sold me on Muvizu was its cartoony look. I love the original characters and more or less hate the newer ones because there's more of an attempt to look realistic rather than silly and fun.

More actions, more variety in the characters' assets would be Muvizu's key. Show people that it not only makes some pretty cool cartoons, but it's FUN. Oh yeah, and what you need is built in, you don't have to buy every single piece of your animation like in iClone. And if there's something you need, this community is willing to build and post it, another of Muvizu's strong points.

It's fun, it's simple, and there's a sense of belonging. That's what Muvizu has that others don't.

(OK, where's my free stuff now after that plug? laugh )
2014/11/4 23:15:24
Neutral mood? ziggy72 wrote:
Good to see you back Danimal. Being able to wipe the smiles off their faces has been one of my favourite changes since the beta version as well. Tried out the 1080 resolution yet? It's very nice

I have only just played around with it for a few minutes and was already very happy with what I saw, but I haven't tried the HD yet, I look forward to it.

And it's good to be back. I dropped out for a while when the features went to pay-only. I believe the phrase is "cutting off my nose to spite my face" as I forgot how easy it is to make a cartoon in Muvizu and how fun the forum is.
2014/11/4 15:45:02
Neutral mood? Dreeko wrote:
Seeing as it's you Danimal ...

Animate character expressiveness. Put it to zero

Job done... Doddle


You're too kind, Dreeko. I was just coming back to say that I found Expressiveness can be animated. Not sure if that was always the case, but yep, 0 puts him in a neutral mood. FANTASTIC!

I've noticed lots of enhancements. I particularly did a giddy laugh when I saw a re-sizeable camera window, for instance. I've messed around a bit with the attachments and they're really quite wonderful. FINALLY, Commando Pete can chomp on his cigar!

Thanks again, Dreeko!
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