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2011/3/16 16:20:14
Eyes?? So any sugestions that could show 'eyes closed'?
2011/3/16 15:46:14
Eyes?? I need a tired Muvizu character.He has round eyes...He watches boring TV shows.Change channel.*Shows boring show..*Yawns..His eyes gets heavier..Yawns..Change channel,watch people playing ches..zzZZ...He gets really bored..AND HE CLOSED HIS EYES..And be asleep..So Is it possible for the character to 'nearly' close his eyes and then close it fully?Eyes movement?
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2011/3/9 8:49:13
I need some sports models..Read on... I need a 3d bicycle in which a girl could ride on....Muvizu,what kind of sports themes are pre-loaded?Is there running?Er...swimming??Because I need to make a video of people playing sports.

P.S.I dont know how to use any other animation softwares.Cause im newbie.So dont ask me to import from other programs etc.
Please give me your kind comments/suggestions.Thank You!!!
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