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2011/3/14 8:59:27
Let's hear it for the Muvizu team On Friday (now, it’s Monday), I discovered Muvizu animation software by chance and I thought that I should give it a try. I downloaded the programme and just three or four hours later I had created a short animation. I couldn’t believe how well the software worked and how easy it was to use. Over the years (saying that makes me sound old!), I’ve used various animation software and video and sound editing software, but I’ve never been so happy with any of those products. What I couldn’t believe was that a team of people had created such a great piece of animation software and that it was completely free. I sent an appreciative message for the Muvizu team to the Muvizu contact email address and the MD replied and he made me wonder how far we can take this software (the links he sent had me in stitches). Again, I’d like to thank the whole Muvizu team for their wonderful work. I’ve spent the whole weekend playing about with the software and, in time, I’ll get round to importing my own material into Muvizu (I hope). I have no doubt that someone out there will create a hugely successful Muvizu animation in the near future. Good job! Ten out of ten! Thumbs Up! etc.
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