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2016/12/3 22:48:19
Problem with lip synch and audio recording I was thinking of purchasing this, but after i spent hours messing about with the dialogue, i'm not going to bother, the .wav file i imported (created with audacity) shows a wave length when you import it, but doesn't do anything when lip syncing.

I've tried shush, speech and shush again. It shows the director actions on the timeline, but when played back the character is just staring.

I've gone through, re uploaded the file, changed the file, still the same, closed down the set and reloaded it, still nothing. I had trouble with it glitching and it crashes a lot, luckily i found this out before purchasing.

It's a shame, because it seems easy to use, and reminds me of an old 1995 animation software - microsoft 3D movie maker, but better, i like how you can customize the characters and the vast actions you can do. I walked a character (on the park scene) and sat him on the bench, seem pretty easy and smooth, only took about 10 minutes (after getting used to the controls) then spent HOURS messing about with the lip sync.

I've read that this has always been a problem, and tried everything I've read in the forums. If this was sorted out i would happily pay for the software, but sorry guys, i think i'm going to have to give it a miss, thanks for offering a free trial version.
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