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2017/4/25 12:01:38
New sets Thanks, clayster. Love that dungeon set.
2017/4/12 17:21:37
Critiques please... First Video!! "Hitfilm is somewhat unique among video editors because it allows you to import 3D models and animate them in the same environment as the video"

Btw, had no idea this was a possibility,
2017/4/12 17:19:28
Critiques please... First Video!! Thanks, Pat! I appreciate the comment on the video. Makes me feel good and I have to say I had fun making it. I plan on doing more like that in different areas and will start fine tuning.

I agree with you about the possibilities of HitFilm (but I use the free version only). The reason I switched over to Movie Maker for that one was because of sound lag problems once I joined videos. But haven't given up on HitFilm for the reasons you mention. It just seems there might be some really cool things that can add to a Muvizu video and I'm exploring them. One tutorial a guy brought in a character but said the problem was even if you brought in a png, Hitfilm didn't recognize the transparent background and used white.

If I figure it out I'll pop out a tutorial but I think it's going to take time. Want to get out some videos while I play with it plus I'm scattered around using other animation software as well.
2017/4/12 15:57:37
Critiques please... First Video!! Just a FYI that might help someone, I use Movie Maker to join my videos. I just did a video where I inserted animations into a review of a product (next one will me smoother but it was fun to do) and tried HitFilm to join but got frustrated and went to Movie Maker and it was a piece of cake. It's free so I wanted to add that info if anyone is like me and stays clear of expensive software.
2017/4/12 13:20:42
Critiques please... First Video!! That is outstanding, Scorpio! Did you use any outside programs for the video itself (not talking music)?
2017/3/31 13:35:49
iClone 5.5 3D Give Away of the Day 31/03/2017 Witchy - Nice find. I'm downloading now. Have been curious about this program but the cost made me stay away. Thanks!
2017/3/27 17:44:20
Stanley Ipkiss - Meeting with the Boss Pat - There is criticism and there is constructive criticism. Yours is constructive criticism and should be welcome. That's how we all learn.
2017/3/24 11:17:11
Hi to Muvizu! Nice to have you here, Scorpio. Make sure you keep an eye on this forum. The group is very knowledgeable and willing to help out when possible. The tutorials made by those who use them are helpful plus make sure you watch some of the animations so you get a good idea what is possible with work arounds.
2017/3/22 17:06:56
cartoon attack heli Pat, I agree with you. I've found a few work arounds but have decided that in order to accomplish what I want for a series I'm looking to do, it will takes something else instead of Muvizu. There just seems no way to add completely new characters. I'll use Muvizu for some other projects and look elsewhere even if I have to do it in 2D.
2017/3/22 12:24:48
cartoon attack heli Ammostro, That was very inventive and some outside the box thinking. There is plenty of that going around in this forum. :-)

It seems lots of you are using Blender. Would that be where I should go to develop some new characters? No way I can get what I want using existing characters so thinking about where to go to design them and bring them into Muvizu.
2017/3/18 23:48:25
Can I display camera output on a backdrop? richinri wrote:
Newbie here. This post mentions 5 cameras. I thought Muvizu had a maximum of 4 cameras?

In the new version you can get 6 cameras. I just found that out working on a new video.
2017/3/17 19:20:15
Help loading video..... Rodrisilva,

Thanks for posting that. I'm going to give that a try and see how it works. Might not be able to get to it until after weekend as my grandson will be here in a few minutes but I'm bookmarking it.
2017/3/16 22:09:15
Help loading video..... Right, Pat. I understood that. I was watching some video tutorials on HitFilm Express and there is really a lot you can do to spruce up the animations. But I'm thinking adding a video background might be a tad on the complicated side at the moment so will stick to a backdrop with images. But I'm definitely going to check adding some effects in a future animation.

I'm working with both Muvizu and Mine-imator in a combined video and that's why video in the back would have helped but I think I can get by and possibly use some special effects to kick it up a notch.

It would be nice if they someday get that adding an avi file to a backdrop worked out.
2017/3/16 20:31:57
Creating A Cartoon Voice DougBailey,

I use Audacity and vary the pitch. I used a high pitch on one of my characters and my grandson couldn't stop laughing. There are plenty of other changes that could also be made but so far the pitch has worked decent for me. And Audacity is free.
2017/3/16 20:28:48
Help loading video..... Thanks, ukBerty. I see now they have an Express version so I'll give it a try.
2017/3/16 16:57:21
Help loading video..... OK, so count me into the many who wish this adding a video to a backdrop worked.

FYI - So first I went to HitFilm but left without trying it when I saw the price. Then I went to Xilisoft Ultimate Converter and downloaded a free trial and converted a small video to .avi and tried to put it on a backdrop. It didn't work and only showed a small 1/4" line at the bottom of the backdrop.

2017/3/10 13:05:25
Where Do Babies Come From (First Muvizu Video) That was very entertaining. Good job. The way you used the camera cuts and some of the emotions was creative.
2017/2/28 13:32:43
Key Framing Packet Pat,

Your point about animating hit me right square in the face. :-) That's some of what I'm looking for. I can see how this packet can open up lots of possibilities in some things I thought of doing but figured weren't possible. It was just hard to comprehend looking at the tutorial video Muvizu did. I had a reason not to have the characters standing close enough for the girl to kick the guy and plan to pursue that but I'm thinking key framing can help me accomplish that.

I really appreciate all the comments here. I'm working with the program off and on but today I will get the packet and try to spend more time on the current short animation I'm doing. Just discovered last week the power of the backdrops and your video on setting up a complete audio track using Audacity, which I have and have used to change characters voices, really was the best tutorial I saw addressing the issue of lip syncing.

I'm hoping I can contribute some help to others in the future.
2017/2/27 15:49:22
Key Framing Packet So camera wise you use it in place of using camera cuts?

Would this allow you to go to a scene your using and have the characters closer? ie. I have 2 characters talking in a video right now and I want the girl to get pissed and kick the guy but they are too far apart for the kick to land. Instead of her walking a step closer could I got to that scene (using a camera cut so it's not awkward) and put in a keyframe and have her standing closer so she can kick him?

Btw, thanks for the answer because it is giving me something to ponder.
2017/2/27 14:51:16
Key Framing Packet The tutorial video by Muvizu on key framing doesn't really help. Not sure if this packet works like key framing works in other software.
I'm not seeing an advantage in buying the pack at the moment. Does anyone know where a better description of how to actually use this can be found? It seems like you can use the timeline pretty much the same way but I may be way off on that assumption. Before you ask what I would use it for, ny answer is I haven't got a clue because I can't wrap my fingers around it. In some software you move a character or object to a certain position and the software uses tweening to fill but not really what I am looking for.

Not even sure I asked this right. :-)
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