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2011/4/7 17:24:19
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi Luscan It's okay I've sorted it now. But thanks though. Cheers. Simonh97
2011/4/6 16:09:24
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi Jim, I have now managed t download Muvizu from Gamershell and it ha succesfully downloaded. But I am having trouble extracting the muvizu application file from the .zip (default) folder that it downloaded into. The error code that I have is 0x80004005. I don't want to download again if I can avoid it because it takes about 3 hours on my pc (As it is very slow)Please help me . Thanks From Simon.
2011/4/3 19:43:40
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi Jim you seem to know a lot about this so I feel that I should ask you. I have tried all the solutions suggested and I don't even get to the installer before I get the NSIS error Message. I have 398 MB (418,320,660 bytes) of Muvizu on my system after doing it from the download page. Please help me I had the old one but then my computer crashed and I lost everything so now I am trying to download the new one which I have to say looks much better. Thanks Simonh97
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