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2011/4/21 15:33:38
Commercial Productions Nice to know there is a least some interest commercially. I think Muvizu needs a few more enhancements to get it there as a serious tool. Hopefully the next release gets it there. More animations for everyday gestures, interaction with props and camera waypoints.

Don't get me wrong, I love Muvizu. It's a great product. At last I can take my ideas and make animations out of them without having to spend a ton of time in 3dsmax trying to animate every little detail. However, some of the ideas I have I can't do because of these limitations. I am waiting on baited breath for the new release! Keep up the good work team!
2011/4/21 15:19:15
The Office new video showing why you shouldn't touch things in the office.

2011/4/20 14:48:58
Commercial Productions Has there been any commercial productions done with Muvizu? Just curious. I think it has a niche for certain types of programming. Anyone with some sense knows it's not neccessarily the animation that makes a production, but more the story line and content therein. Case in point is South Park, or Beavis and Butt-Head. Animation sucks royally, but viewers enjoyed the content.

If there has been commercial success with it, can someone point to an example? i would be very interested in seeing what has been commercially accepted.
2011/4/20 14:30:20
Audio Sync I have noticed while trying to sync audio to characters that while everything in the timeline is synced, after I make the movie it is out of sync. I have to keep tweaking and remaking the movie until it syncs correctly. Is there something I am missing that causes this?
2011/4/19 21:02:58
Audio Dialog Excellent! Can't wait for it!
2011/4/19 20:26:59
Audio Dialog Hope I am posting this in the right area. Am I correct in my understanding that the audio dialog has to be one audio file? Can I not have separate audio files for each series of dialogs? I would think that if this is the case, then it would be very difficult to lipsync a large dialog such as in cut scenes. If you can have separate, how?
2011/4/19 16:28:13
Camera Path Thanks for the quick replies! I am new to Muvizu, but find it extremely easy to use and quite powerful. It makes 3d animation so much easier than when I was doing it with 3dsmax. Looking forward to the next release so I can make use of my dual 64bit system!
2011/4/19 15:38:09
Camera Path Is there any way to have the camera follow a path rather than trying to move it as you record?
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