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2011/8/13 10:21:44
fight scene problems while trying to do a fight scene I get to the knock out action but the "victims" don't fall down they kind of go through the motions standing up and stay there,any one else got this problem ?spent three days leading up to this scene but looks like I may have to abandon the movie unless i can suss this out
2011/8/7 13:10:59
Heroes United Heroes United is now on line at

hopefully this shows how powerful Muvizu is ,no other software used during the making ,no green screens or after fx etc just Vegas to edit.
lots of custom skins etc enjoy
2011/8/1 15:42:23
no ghostbusters :( Hi remixed audio (sounds cooler lol) youtube still kinda knows what it is but now I only get a
"Matched third-party content. http://www.youtube.com/copynotice?video_id=Hpt9xMLR15o." as opposed to the "Video blocked in some countries. " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/copynotice?video_id=OtFFe5Cav8s."
will this allow transfer to muvizu do you think ?
2011/8/1 14:16:31
no ghostbusters :( thanks for that I will have a look at remixing the audio abit later and have another go
2011/8/1 13:44:01
no ghostbusters :( could it be anything to do with the copyright on the music ?
2011/8/1 13:41:14
no ghostbusters :( hi sorry to be a pain again but my video at

hasn't made it to muvizu yet but strangely the skin test test for it did and everything I've done since has ?
quite proud of this movie which i think is my best so far and i put alot of work into the skins ,sets etc .

is there a particular movie format or way to upload them perhaps ? I have been using http://www.muvizu.com/Profile/hexslayer/SelectAsset
so far most of what has made it on to muvizu has been uploaded via the programme its self. but as most of my stuff needs alot of editing etc this is not always possible .
could u check if ghost busters is there somewhere please?
many thanks
2011/7/31 14:58:40
Can't save favourite character something i was stuck with does this mean we cant save any custom characters with skins we make ?
2011/7/29 14:58:19
where do I import 3d assets to ? brilliant that makes sense cheers
2011/7/29 14:47:17
hi video not showing on Muvizu uploaded
2011/7/29 14:12:34
hi video not showing on Muvizu hi i will adjust it little and upload a slightly different version and upload it through muvizu its self.
please tell me my ghost busters video will make it across
2011/7/29 13:45:29
saving custom characters ? hi I have been having great fun with the custom skinning ie

Dr who
and ghost busters

but I am unable to save the custom Characters in favorites like a normal one this means I cant import them into other scenes (the ghost busters video was created on one stage only)
is there some way to save these apart from saving them as part of the set?

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2011/7/29 9:52:20
hi video not showing on Muvizu still no sign of my video on muvizu yet
2011/7/27 14:55:33
hi video not showing on Muvizu hi I've uploaded a video through the muvzu web page but it doesn't seem to be showing here but is on utube

cant see any copyright issues etc
any thoughts ?
2011/7/25 10:57:58
where do I import 3d assets to ? I want to use a 3d asset from the site but cant figure out where to unzip it to ???Help 11
2011/7/25 10:55:14
MY BROTHER a simple little video I made for the funny old 1962 Terry Scot song My Brother until available on site can be seen here

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2011/7/10 9:52:48
up loader problem Marco_D wrote:
Hi hexslayer,

hi all pretty standard size 50=100 meg ish ,uploader freezes within a few seconds cant figure it out
2011/7/6 10:27:10
up loader problem I am having some major problems with the muvizu up loader .each time I try to upload the bar freezes straight away and no matter how long i leave it it never moves .I have made a lot of movies but was unable to upload them to my profile apart from the very first two which worked ?? My account is linked to my utube account and seems fine,no errors just nothing happens ,is there a alternative way to upload apart from the site page,also I added uploaded a movie yesterday from within the programme ,it went to utube but not my profile .
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