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2011/5/6 12:59:24
Bark Park Danimal wrote:
The animation looked good and it was a really clever idea. First line contains a completely gratuitous curse, I was already tuning out. Yes, I saw the warning of profanity and I'm certainly no prude who claims to never curse, I just prefer entertainment to come by way of story rather than expletives.

This is all me though - don't take this as saying it was bad.

I completely agree. I was just too lazy to re-record that first line.
2011/5/6 4:19:30
Bark Park This is my first attempt at machinima so I appreciate any and all feedback. I posted this again with new audio (less potty-mouthed).


P.S. I was so impressed by Muvizu. It's great now and also has so much potential to grow. A zillion times better than The Movies.
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2011/5/5 2:45:55
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? I would love a neutral emotional state for characters, with accompanying poses. When people listen to someone else talk in casual conversation, they rarely show emotion. This would also help in emotional transitions so characters aren't just cycling through angry, sad, happy and scared, which rarely happens in real life. Also, it's just weird to start a scene when characters all have very specific emotional states.

That said, I'm a newbie and I think it's a great product.
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