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2011/5/21 18:57:38
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi again ...i got a download to work by using one of the links i found in this trend and now it works
2011/5/21 17:39:45
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi i have also downloaded Muvizu several times each time from a different mirror in the list ( i downloaded it 4 times between yesterday and today May 21) i am downloading it again ...............i even used 3 different browsers IE 9 firefox 4 and Google Chrome ............ each time with the same error (error title: NSIS Error

Description: Installer integrity check has fail .Common causes installer's author to obtain new copy More information at: i tried going to the link but it did not work ...please help..

oh yeah and the zip i got from one of the mirrors did not extract ..... the zip file had the correct size i think it was 544mb and the one b4 that was was an exe 540mb i deleted the others i am current using win7 with Avast latest ed
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