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2011/6/1 17:37:32
audio crash again Him and Mogwy must have been buried at sea because my house is full of the little green pratts!!!!
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2011/6/1 15:17:17
audio crash again Where is that Chinese old bloke? Anybody got his number?
2011/5/31 22:17:37
audio crash again AAArrrrgh, this audio crash is doing my head inBrick Wall
2011/5/28 18:29:55
Industrial-scale collaboration I like the idea of Back to the Future mixed with the Terminator, and a little bit of
HG Wells The Time Machine.These three Movies could make a brilliant comedy
Spoof, with Neville Chamberlain as the clumsy Hero, ( Think Striker in Airplane 1,2
But I agree, making it just about Hitler is Old Hat.
2011/5/27 23:55:31
audio crash again Will do mac, hope I get it sorted hmm
2011/5/27 23:40:24
audio crash again Hi ra, thanks for your reply, I'm not very computer savy, so where do I start to look, files that isLamer noob
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2011/5/27 21:04:14
audio crash again Hi again, the sound file loads in the prepare dialog part with no problems without a character, but as soon as you create a character, muvizu crashes same problem.

I can use the same audio file for background audio with no problems with a character presentWhaaaaa?

Can't understand it, feel a bit sad now, sniff sniffTon of Bricks
2011/5/27 13:20:03
Industrial-scale collaboration omnissiuntone wrote:
In certain scenes that'd work, but a time travel movie inevitably needs a lot of exposition. Dialogue can be funny, but for silent bits, I've got an idea in mind for a scene where an assassin and the father of one of the main characters are wrestling with a knife. As the fight goes one way then the other, the main character appears and disappears depending on who's winning (because his existence is threatened if his father is in danger of being stabbed

I like that, funny Airplane fast humour
2011/5/27 11:46:23
New character? This one's for Barry and the artists
Love the new stuff, but could you on your next round make the Predator Helmet Stormtrooper
including the shoulder cannon? Please, pretty please sugar on top

Thanks artpen
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2011/5/27 10:57:55
audio crash again Thanks Mr Pc,

I'll give it a try
2011/5/27 10:07:04
audio crash again Thanks for your quick reply mac,

1- yes both wav,mp3, including files that worked before.
2-only dialog at the moment, have not used background yet.

I noticed on the old bleeding edge version that when I tried to record audio
it would lock up the program?
I never bothered with it because I do my own external recording.
Might be a conflict somewhere?
2011/5/27 9:08:38
Industrial-scale collaboration I think if we get stuck with awkward lines we should try to get the point over by no dialog, but body language, or facial expression, maybe using dreekos eyebrow
I strongly think we should try to keep dialog down for maximum comedy effect.
2011/5/27 8:42:43
audio crash again Hi team, I changed my wave to 16bit, half loads, bang!! Muvizu dissapears again
Message " muvizu has stopped working "
2011/5/26 23:17:19
Industrial-scale collaboration I think when the General tells Hitler about Berlins inevitable defeat, we should have a
bit of the movie Downfall in there but takes his anger out on the poster of him
And Stalin instead of his generals. Ripping it up then putting the gun to his head.
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2011/5/26 18:59:06
The newest Muvizu release... I'm still getting the same problem even if I change my Wave file to 16bit
It just crashes everytime, aaaaaaargh!!!
2011/5/26 16:15:27
Industrial-scale collaboration I think we have good voice talent here, but what I'm trying to get over is to try and create massive hype in the project, even if we get a B lister name involved.
I think Vince and his team deserve a good show.
We have to make this a Big UTube hit.
I know Arnies available, lol
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2011/5/26 15:19:36
Industrial-scale collaboration Sometimes actors do things like this Purely for artistic reasons, and yes they work
For NOWT sometimes... if, IF, We can make a knockout script, and hype it up who
Remember all of us are doing this for Nowt, why not try for someone famous
2011/5/26 11:44:36
Industrial-scale collaboration Hi all, if we want this movie to be a success, do you think it would be a good idea
to try and go for a famous actor, for voiceover work for our main character?
Worth a try, and this would create massive hype!!
Stephen fry might be tempted......
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2011/5/26 10:44:20
The newest Muvizu release... Thanks Clair, will try it tonight
2011/5/26 10:16:17
The newest Muvizu release... Hi team, great upgrade, just to note I downloaded the 32 bit and all that is not
Working is the import sound file for dialog?
It starts to import but muvizu just dissapears with a message saying " Muvizu has
Stopped working "
Any solutions oh great ones?
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