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2010/9/12 22:48:33
New character? I would love to see a clown, and the cat, I also like your idea of the witch and a broomstick.
The skull and candle could be done with the new 3d import, just need to find a skull mesh.
I have just thought of another, how about a t-rex character like toy story.
it could be done, it,s a bi-ped, more monsters, more monsters.

Ps muvizu, could we please have a cape....
2010/9/12 20:25:11
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Ok, I think these animations would be good

1- A floating budda style peace animation
2- The michael jackson smooth criminal lean animation
3- The invisible wall illusion animation.
4- The poisoned choking animation.
5- The David Brent animation dance... ha ha ha
6- The Nazi salute, or the Nazi march.
7- The fingers in ears awaiting a loud "BANG!!" Animation
8- The ninja 3 flip hand spring somarsault-
9- A michael jackson style spin animation.
10- A speed skating, surfing, or balancing on tightrope animation.

So, there's my ten aninations, I think could give us a chuckle
p.s your doing a class job, long live muvizu studios...
2010/9/12 16:35:11
New character? Just some characters to think about...

A big ape, or big foot?
A ghost, maybe like slimer?
A character in a suite, a hog-dog, a burger, or fruit n veg?
A character in a spring, like zebidee?

Com on comnunity let's get these characters out there!!
Eat popcornQuiet
2010/9/12 15:18:29
Muvizu Lags It might help, but it might be that you might have a lot of background tasks running.
There are freeware programs on the web that close all these background tasks
which will free up your computer for this heavy duty muvizu application.
Also try lowering your settings on your graphics card from quality to performance.
2010/9/12 11:57:40
Muvizu Lags Try lowering your resolution in muvizu, and turning off your
Lighting by pressing f2. This will speed things up a bit.
press f3 for your lighting to return and up your resolution to
The highest setting to make your movie, hope this helps
edited by artpen on 9/12/2010
2010/9/10 12:18:42
rendered movies don't play I had the same problem with windows media player.
In HD it would play very jerky.
Oh well, I thought it was my computer that was on the blink!!
2010/9/8 9:17:26
Keyframe animator? I just keep thinking how much fun this object animator will be.
For example, all you will need is the character to have a lift animation, followed by a
A box object for example to animate in free space and bingo!!
the illusion of lifting a box!!! Brilliant

Nice one, muvizu
2010/9/3 12:16:42
Website and project collaboration I think a lot of users have different skills, sound, building sets,
Characters, humour, special fx, titles, ect.
From what I've seen, the quality is there now.
Let's think big as a community, why not go for a 15 min cartoon.
Start a forum for a vote on what type of movie we should make.
Then everybody votes for who they would like to do a task?
Then when all voted are in, well, we have a crew, a team ready
if willing to make it Cool
2010/9/3 11:04:27
What codec do you use and why? I had a large uncompressed video avi, and I could not
For the love of money upload it, it was 1 1/2 mins long
At 386 megs. The super class team at muvizu told me to
Use the XVID codec, it shrank the file to 38 megs and I
produced the same video at full HD, it uploaded I about 15 mins
great stuff
2010/9/2 10:34:34
uploading headache.. Thanks, I can sleep now, aaaaaaaaarrr
2010/9/2 10:16:16
uploading headache.. Thanks for the info Barrys, yeah I must have created an uncompressed video fileWhaaaaa?
I've checked the codecs, and seem to not have the XVID Or DIVX codec?,
Is there a way to get these?
Cheers mate, artpen
2010/9/2 8:46:47
uploading headache.. I've finished my movie, its about 856 mb, on PAL avi, It was uploading to youtube, waited forever
then this morning It said error uploading.
Is my video file to large? Do I need to use the youtube standard setting when making my movie?
what resolution should I use when making my movie? What codec?
I just need to know where i,m going wrong for this competition upload
edited by artpen on 9/2/2010
2010/8/30 22:43:24
Keyframe animator? I think if the team at muvizu made a key frame animator
They would not have to worry about object interaction,
As long as objects in the program can move around in
Free space I know I could animate that object with a charactor
With a keyframe animator for that charactor.
This is the fundamentals of animation anyway.
Muvizu is cool, it just needs this feature to really take off
and see how revolutionary it really is and give the world
Some great cartoons.

All the best, can't wait for this feature in the future..
2010/8/27 9:31:07
Having trouble! so sluggish Thanks mate, ill try these, god don't you just hate computers
when they don't behave , evil laugh " ha h
a ha!!! "
2010/8/27 8:50:38
Having trouble! so sluggish I've nearly finished my movie, but I'm finding animating really hard now
the application is really sluggish now, its hard to see the animations as I want them.
Any info on how to speed it up?
2010/8/25 9:49:49
Dirty face paint, mask? A few more things, I like your sci masks, the cylon, darth vader
What about a terminator mask, the full t 800 mask, the half terminator
face damaged t 800 mask.
A few more classic horror masks, freddy, jason, pin head, michael myres,
Just a few ideas for your mask range.
Keep up your great work, thanks again, artpen
2010/8/24 21:01:50
Dirty face paint, mask? Me again jim!! I would love to see face paint on our charactors.
It would be very funny to see a bomb sketch, with a our hero having
A clean face, then boom!!!, the classic black charred face.
You could also use it for clowns, camo paint, sci fi darth maul stuff ,
Cheers mate, good stuff always!!!
2010/8/24 11:55:52
eating, munching animation? I would like to see a munching on food animation, quite simple really,
Mouth movement going up and down?
2010/8/24 11:11:06
free muvizu? Sounds good, I think when muvizu kicks off big style as a
complete easy animation package , I know I would buy it, but I think
muvizu should not overcharge for it like iclone.
2010/8/24 10:50:48
free muvizu? How long before this great software is not free
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