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2014/11/3 18:18:06
Star trek. the halloween incident. Class mate Lol!
2014/10/31 15:26:13
Death By Jelly - a comic book horror Excellent work toonarama, really enjoyed that, I can see you have spent a lot of time on it.

It looks like Iclone is getting better by the day, I'm impressed, I'm tempted to have a try!

Ok, questions if I may, how much is it? is it easy to learn, and lastly, did you use your own animations for your characters?

And, oh, one more, does Iclone eat your computers memory?

great stuff toonarama

2014/10/18 18:02:18
How long does it take you? Hi, I get limited creative time so making sure that time is spent on a worthwhile project is the most important thing I think.

I do the script, then I leave the script to soak! Maybe a week....maybe more
I read the script again, then if I'm happy, I do the voice work, done.

Next, the sets, and props... I only do half sets if need be, why waste disk space?
If I'm happy with the sets, lighting, staging, camera positions, then I leave Muvizu for a week and think about the camera shots.
Maybe I might do a little crappy storboard for the camera shots.
when I'm satisfied, then I can mostly shoot and direct my videos in two nights.

So, for most of my Muvizu work, It takes me around 1 to 2 months.

So, for me its usually the idea, concept, and preparation that takes the longest.

But, I'm hoping to whack out videos quicker in the future....

here's hoping!

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2014/10/3 21:21:05
Eggs? Doc, that was excellent, really good directing, framing, staging, well done, very slick work!

Yeah, have a go at a minisode, go for it!
2014/10/3 18:57:52
Buzzball DoublePrimePictures wrote:
Exellent Stuff.

Thankyou DoublePrime!
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2014/10/3 18:26:32
DreamWorks competition Congrats to the winner! Well done.

Ok, how do we improve the Muvizu competitions??

Well, the thing that I want to know from YOU Digimania is..... Do you really care?
I mean, I think a lot of users especially the Moguls are feeling a little sad these days, yes, it's true.
Where have all the old Muvizu HQ gang gone?? Come on Jim, Vince, Kerry and the rest
of the old guard, come on back in, your forum that you built from scratch is dying
a death ere! Help, help, heeeeeeeelp!! We canna hold on much longer captain!!

sorry, now, yeah the competition was a bit crap wasnt it? I was a bit interested, but, like all
Im really confused about where Muvizu is these days, where is it going? I'm not going to go into details
about new updates, but come Digimania, get a bit enthusiasm back.

The reason why the competitions and the forum is in decline is because the fun we used to share as a collective family
has gone.

We need to keep our forum going strong, but it can't be left to the Moguls or left over snippets from Twitter.
The developers, if there are any, need to get back talking to us, and also leaving comments about the wonderful videos
created with their product, you know, like it used to be????

So, if Silent HQ, can't, won't, or care about the forum or their product, then I'm afraid the competition will need
bigger prizes to tempt us to make movies with the limited capabilities of muvizu at its current trend.

Power to the people

peace, artpen
2014/10/2 18:17:08
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:

captain kirk watch your back coz michaels coming.....

classic kirk fights 3 round about the 31st ish Big Grin

Nice one, Jason Vorhees next?
2014/10/1 23:52:39
Buzzball InsaneHamster wrote:
This was really great. Really looking forward to the next one. The effects in the background towards the end really added to the sense of his mistaken priorities. Great job Artpen!

Thanks a lot insaneHamster, Day 2 coming soonish!
2014/10/1 17:31:46
Buzzball ukBerty wrote:
Yes - really enjoyed this - love the start where he's just musing on his own - more of this please.

Thankyou ukBerty, I'm pleased you enjoyed it!
2014/10/1 6:55:22
Buzzball mysto wrote:
Great stuff artpen! Going to be a funny series!

Thanks mysto!
2014/9/30 22:54:28
Buzzball fazz68 wrote:
excellent stuff mate looking forward to day 2

Thanks mate, day 2 in the works...
2014/9/30 20:27:33
Buzzball ziggy72 wrote:
"...the ass is the worst" Big Grin

Nicely done - will he have a sidekick? (Buzzboy!)

Cheers Ziggs, yup, his camera boy, who I haven't got a name for yet Lol!

He also has a close friend who finances his exploits, ( The Wisp ) who is also his eyes and ears on the streets!

More will be revealed soon......
2014/9/30 20:08:08
Buzzball toonarama wrote:
Really enjoyed that. Love the concept and looking forward to Buzzball sorting out his issues whilst cleaning up the streets

Cheers toonarama, glad you liked it, hopefully I can do more soon!
2014/9/30 1:29:23
Buzzball Well, this is a little series that I hope I can keep going with, Buzzball! Whaaaaa?


2014/9/26 16:46:20
Coming Soon... Great stuff Fazz Lol! Nice set
2014/9/6 13:20:08
Need A US Male Voice for a few (important!) lines Erm, go on then! I'll have a pop if you want
2014/7/7 10:01:56
Coming Soon... Spot on mate!
2014/6/6 21:42:55
ArtFart TV Cheers Doc, all I can say is these videos will be quick and RAW....

2014/6/6 13:23:16
ArtFart TV Hello fellow creatives, with my adventures in 2D animation now taking centre stage for most of my future productions, I have decided to start a new youtube channel for Muvizu only content. This channel will be a scrapbook of my silly creations with Muvizu, maybe low quality, maybe crap, maybe wonderful, to be honest I don't give a toss, I can't promise you quality, but quantity I can.
So, watch with an open mind my fellow creatives, it could be a bumpy ride...

Oh, keep an eye out for my 2D work too, Party cake 2 coming soon!
2014/5/22 19:24:00
Just One Piece Competition Well done lads!
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