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2013/3/3 15:47:22
To the community at large I really like Muvizu, but I would not suggest a subscription fee. Perhaps a yearly renewal fee that is less than the initial purchase.

Here's my situation: I'm a dreamer, I would really love to make a movie or at least a 3-6 minute animated short. In reality, I have neither the experience, time, nor the actual story(s) to do so. But every time I see the Academy Awards for best animated shorts, or Dreeko's and other Moguls' movies I get sparked to make something. Its the idea, the possibility that gets me hooked. I would probably pay once for the software but then eventually rationalize that paying for Muvizu isn't the wisest idea (despite how fantastic of a product it is!). However, if its kept free, there could be a chance I make a short that may go viral (like the extranormal iPhone 4 video) or at least get popular enough to get someone to tinker. That's how I found Muvizu, I made some fun shorts with Xtranormal, but then they started charging and I discovered you guys. If you can sell a package with "possibilities" my imagination might make the purchase.

Here's what I think would be great to purchase:
  • More base characters with different styling (the heros body structure and style was a great addition for variety!)
  • More objects and sets

If you really want to do a monthly fee system, what about a token economy? Users who make objects and sets can "sell" them for tokens (which are allotted to users in their monthly fee package). Then Muvizu can "buy back" tokens at a reduced rate or offer prizes/features when they are cashed in. This may increase community activity and get individuals motivated to make content you guys may not have the time for, which could really increase the appeal of Muvizu with its depth of accessories.

As a non-animator who putzes occasionally, I would pay $50 (USD) once for bonus features. If I actually made a short, I would probably pay $80 (USD) for the watermark to be removed when it airs on the Oscars. You guys would get the first shout out in the thank-you speech! =D
2012/9/7 3:57:45
University of Reddit: Muvizu Course Hey gang!
I didn't know if one of your staffers or maybe a prolific user would want to create a University of Reddit course on Muvizu. It would be a great way to help teach people how to utilize Muvizu, get feedback on usability and spread the word on the program. I would imagine this could be something that could build over the years, increase content quality, develop new animation/filming techniques and collaboration.
For those unaware what University of Reddit is, its a volunteer led selection of courses on various topics. The quality of the courses depends on who is leading it, but if the right person is leading the course it can be very informative. Its free and gets you good practice for the topics you are interested in.
Me, I need to work on script writing, finding it hard coming up with something worthwhile to animate... =)
2012/1/10 19:48:09
Bit More Realism Howdy! Have you checked out the "Classics" section in the video gallery? Sabastian Hawks did a piece called Big Clowning that minimizes the "cartoony" feel of the characters. I can't speak for the Muvizu staff, but speaking for myself, I find Muvizu to be the easiest and a relatively flexible animation program. I don't have much experience but the other users have been inspirational in what can be done with the program. You may find with a bit of fiddling you can get the look you want. Good luck on making your script(s)!
2012/1/10 18:35:07
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). I had created 6 Abstract rectangles, scaled them to full-size, put a brick texture on them, grouped them to move and now its suspended in mid-air after moving it (none of them have the property to float). We made need to make some cautionary tape, because I'm just waiting for this thing to fall on some poor innocent Muvizu character! =P

*Note this is taking place in my mega-set
2012/1/10 18:06:31
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Thanks for the heads up Berty! I got the same default pink texture on objects I imported. Did a "save as" while in V19 just in case I need my V18 set!

I'm making a massive set (using prolly about 3/5ths of the floor of the world). On version 0.18 when I look around the set its super smooth. On this fresh install the movement is choppy. Obviously not a typical situation, but just thought ya'll might want to know that.

I'm trying to practice my Muvizu skills and seeing what it takes to make the thing crash but I'm thinking V19 won't be able to handle as much its predecessor. Thanks for the update!
2011/5/28 20:11:03
Computer requirements for the new version Hi, been following Muvizu for awhile now and I'd like to try it out. Alas, I must save for a new computer (or a more recent used computer). Besides the 7800 GTX and 2.4 GHZ, is there anything else? For example, should I be looking for an i5 or aim for an i7? My goal is to make a full on 30+ minute movie to the best visual quality possible. Is there a point where additional specs don't matter? Will the minimum standards mean the program will be limited in its function or will it just run really slow? Just curious how many pints of blood I need to sell...

BTW, this community rocks! Love watching all the new submissions. And the tutorials on Youtube are great, they make sense for a newbie even when they don't have the software installed! Explains how and what the program can do very well.
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