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2011/10/20 0:44:04
Problem muvizu Sorry to say that jour software meets bug.He answe always late.So if you have a solution answer me.
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2011/9/15 0:29:54
how to export our video merci pour l'astuce
2011/9/14 0:17:09
how to export our video Traduire du texte ou une page Web

Essayez avec cette orthographe : comment exporter votre vidéo

Saisissez du texte, l'adresse d'un site Web ou importez un document à traduire.


Traduction (français > anglais)

hello everybody this is some time I know Muvizu. I learned many things and this is very amazing 3D software for creating 3D animation for beginners. Yet there is something that I do not understand. How do we export our video Muvizu. written by Nicoknight333
2011/7/25 21:52:13
import texture thank you for your advice I managed to put the texture on my model but when I import my model says failed Muvizu texture0 foo failed after I put my texture on my model is texture0
2011/7/25 20:17:45
import texture I will try thank you
2011/7/11 14:46:04
import texture Sorry I did not quite understand I'm a beginner. I really see what you mean where do we change direction
2011/7/6 20:13:08
import texture I use my hello google skecthup 8 to make my furniture and everything. I am able to export the model in file ase. But the problem is that when I'm in Muvizu to import my model is I am not able to have the texture of my model is in skecthup 8. Then I have my original texture of the purple and yellow tile as a texture. In addition I am not even able to change the color. I know I'm doing something wrong but I do not know what it is. I have already seen the video but it is in English and I understand it. So can you explain in words how. (Translated by Google translation)
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