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2011/7/30 7:10:39
Can't make movie :( There was an error making your movie.
The file is locked, or in use by another application.
2011/7/29 20:59:46
Can't make movie :( Luckily I was just testing out a scene, but when I clicked Make Move, renamed it and decided where I wanted it to be saved, it comes up with an error. "Movie not saved, file is either locked or in use."
I've tried renaming the file, I've uninstalled/reinstalled Muvizu, I have no logfile(s), I've logged into the program and tried that way, I've tried a different save destination, all to no prevail. I'm starting to lose hope.
I'm running Windows XP, decent computer (definitely enough to run this program)... I don't believe I'm doing anything wrong.. any ideas?
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