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2011/9/9 18:21:45
New features? Hi all muvizu lovers.
I just wanna ask what are the new feature on the latest version?
Also Muvizu rocks..
2011/8/30 10:16:54
Lock camera on object? How about locking anything to anything?
Like a camera on top of a car or a bottle to characters hand or a gun locked to a character's hand or a knife on the characters back or a character on top of a car? How about that?
2011/8/29 10:22:53
How can I I have imported the car interior into my set,but I am not able to place a character in it,what should I do now? I want a conversation between 3 characters inside the car...........
2011/8/28 14:54:09
How can I thanx Luscan...
2011/8/28 11:23:33
How can I What is the best and easiest way to load other 3d objects like guns and mobile phones and add motion to them?
And also MUVIZU ROCKS.......cheers
2011/8/23 22:57:29
Newbie.... Hi everybody,
I registered yesterday, and I am having an awesome experience with Muvizu.
Now I want to animate a suspense/thriller story which I wrote some days ago.
I have already shot it's first scene but for my story to continue it requires conversation inside the car, some scenes with gun/pistol and firing from gun/pistol.
I just want to ask can I do those things ? If yes then how?
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