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2020/1/28 5:34:31
SECURE CRT: Invalid parameter detected. Hi Clayster
Thanks for your reply i put a new card in and all seems to be working ok now.
Thanks for you time
2020/1/26 21:33:17
SECURE CRT: Invalid parameter detected. I am glad i am not the only one having the exact same problem any advice/help would be gratefully received
2016/10/18 17:19:26
Hats PatMarrNC wrote:

that's fantastic thank you for your time
2016/10/18 14:43:45
Hats Hello
I want to do a law and order sketch but need a uk policemans helmet as the one in muvizu is american. Would anybody know where i could find one or how to make one myself and use in muvizu?
Any help greatly appreciated
2016/5/12 15:29:57
using sketchup 8 with 3d warehouse items in ase HI I am new to muvizu (wicked program by the way!!) anyhow in case people are having trouble using sketchup 2016 when trying to export to ase i have found that you need to use sketchup 8 and in order to use 3d warehouse you need to change sketchup 8 dat file. below is the link which will give you the file and instructions.
I hope this will help others if they like me were having problems. (sorry if this is old news)
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