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2011/12/30 19:50:37
Has he been yet ? First of all congratulations to the winners! Funny videos Big Grin

I followed this competion with a special attention because I love animations and I knew Muvizu thanks this contest! (I'm still working to my first animation)

Now I'm astonished that there aren't awards for "Mona Lisa Smile", "No escape", "Marriage" or "Mosquito". For example the works of 11apr1973 are wonderful as much as the winners' videos... He worked a lot making five entrances for the competions... and two of these are well-done, with brilliant ideas and superb realization!

What's about Mona Lisa Smile? Ziggy said enough! (It is a masterpiece)

I don't want to enter into a debat with the community and Muvizu Staff: I want only to understand what were the criterion followed...

Tastes are personal matters, but in a contest standards count... In this competion what they were?
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