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2012/1/30 3:03:27
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - Season 1 Gotcha.... thanks for the info guys , really shouldve started the season in widescreen. Maybe something for Season 2 then ..
Would look strange if we changed it now..
2012/1/29 10:27:58
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - Season 1 Would love some feedback .. good bad or ugly...
2012/1/26 2:04:36
Make people ride in a car!? We did it ....wasn't too hard.... i think its effective...

(warning contains strong language)
2012/1/26 1:52:51
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - Season 1 Hey all you special Muvizuers!!
Due to stupidity on my part the first episode of "Tales From Zombietown" was uploaded directly to Youtube, sorry

Hope this makes up for it, and we will make sure that future episodes are uploaded via

Anyhoo hope you enjoy Episode 1 (we had a ball making it) link below
Oh and dont forget to rate/comment/subscribe, cause it keeps JeZZa in a job

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