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2012/6/13 11:47:16
Seriously fantastic!

Love the doctor.

Thanks Mike and Marco
Mike... have you pressed that subby button ..? hmm hmmm ?
2012/6/11 13:17:54
ATT: ALL MUVIZU STAFF AND MOGULS!!!! Thought it was fitting.. as we all need to be a little crazy whilst using Muvizu it helps i swear..
2012/6/11 13:13:11
Muvizu needs you! Dylly wrote:
toonarama wrote:
I'm waitingwith proton pills at the ready

Not those blue triangular ones you told us to swallow quickly the last time we all got invited to a pi, I mean a seminar at Muvizu Towers?

I wanna go to the tower!!! Heard it has a big light at the top .. lol
2012/6/11 13:12:13
Muvizu needs you! Ready and waiting captain!
2012/6/11 7:31:32
ATT: ALL MUVIZU STAFF AND MOGULS!!!! A little Thankyou/Promo vid for and all The Moguls.
Thanks for your support and help.
(Toonarama im sorry i don't know what happened, you'll see)
2012/6/10 3:26:40
Flying We use so much music its not funny, and we dont own the rights to any of it.. only seems to be an issue when you try to monitize the video (rightly so). Keep them unmonitized and they won't get removed. We use big name songs some recent too. But we can't monitize as yet. Usually if you get a third party content match from youtube on upload, it will be taken down once you monitize it.
You can always pay for the license.. epsecially if its only one song, costs virtually nothing..
2012/6/9 3:29:08
Random requests! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Dylly wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
Am I the only one who regularly right clicks on a character to try and set up the character actions and then realises that the right click is only for changing a characters appearance.

I don't know why I do this so often?
It could be that it feels natural to have all character options available from right clicking.

(hint hint!)


You're not the only one Dreeko!

And another one...What about 'Edit environment' under Edit instead of create? I'm forever going to edit to edit the environment instead of create.

Me too!

I go one better i right click on the character in the camera window all the time.. derp .. YaY Muvizu .. lol
2012/6/9 3:24:51
Flying To give the illusion that clouds are passing by use the dry ice,
Animate: The intensity , then object move it past the camera if you play with the levels it gives a great effect.
Good luck !
2012/6/9 3:21:33
HI, EVERYBODY... Welcome Joe!! Make sure you break it good and proper !!!!
2012/6/9 3:16:09
Kickin the idea around.. my foot hurts now.. We have been kicking around the idea of doing a podcast (Jezza, DRE504, and a couple of youtube friends), if time allows we might even be able to animate it..
Problems with animating it is:
1 - Limited conversation actions means we will all pretty much do the same thing when we talk (this will get tedious to watch after 2min).
2- The podcast may go up to an hour, depending on how well it goes thats a lot of animating.
3- Dont even know if anyone would watch it.. lol.. but i guess we always take that punt.

Anyway would love your feedback. (and your soul)

Jezza (skylike)
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2012/6/4 12:34:52
Marco - though you should know. Forgot to let you know that
Tales from Zombietown Episode 8 & Behind the Mic (3) were all made with the newest version, apart from the issues we spoke about everything worked out great.
And i've said it before but everything seems crisper and sharper than before.. excellent work guys and girls!!
2012/6/4 12:28:52
2012/5/31 0:58:53
Drawing with DRE :) Episode (1) Just a little look into some of the artwork for the TFZ boys.
Hope you guys like.
2012/5/30 6:20:24
BEHIND THE MIC EPISODE (3) With Episode 8 of TFZ and behind the mic and Muvizu's latest challenge , we been busy ya'll.
Anyway , BEHIND THE MIC EPISODE (3) - to wet your appetite.
2012/5/25 13:21:31
Am i losing it? Just did a comparison of last episode of TFZ (7) and our newest episode...
Am i crazy or has the 32bit quality increased? everything looks sharper and a little more detailed..after cutting the scenes.
Is it because of Unreal Engine 3? I have no clue when it comes to spec stuff.
2012/5/23 13:42:09
Beautiful Video Kimberley228K wrote:

Another great video!

TY Kim that was truly one of the most beautifully emotional things ive ever scene, never have i seen such a complex idea "enjoy and embrace every moment in life no matter how short" told in such an effective way.
Truly inspired.
2012/5/17 0:16:35
NEED HELP WITH SETTINGS Thanks Marco, actually helped more than i expected.
Worked out it wasn't so much the size but the (aspect pixel ratio), i was on widescreen and it should have been (square), we are using 480x360 as it is what we use for TFZ.
2012/5/16 4:05:13
NEED HELP WITH SETTINGS Ok think ive got it sorted now.. wont be able to tell til i upload something .. fingers crossed it hasnt changed the upload view.
2012/5/16 3:18:08
NEED HELP WITH SETTINGS Ok so we are now using vegas pro to edit the majority of zombietown now, and i need to know the render settings. We are using 480x360 in muvizu and have made my project and preview 480x360.
But i dont have that option when rendering. So what do i do ? ? i need the screen to remain the same throughout all my shots.. im so confused..
2012/5/8 12:56:42
Muvizu withdrawals.. In relation to the hi jack of the thred bravo , and in answer to your question, only 1 so far was tested and re tested then chewed on for a little while before being burnt cause it was evil and didnt work.
At no fault of Muvizu mind you, was just slighty beyond our realm of reality.
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