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2012/1/24 12:02:38
Basic Machine Spec/ Problem - Help please Cheers for the quick replies I think it will be well out of striking distance for this year but I will see what I can do for September.
2012/1/24 11:28:42
Basic Machine Spec/ Problem - Help please Hi

I meet you at BETT show and was extremely impressed with the program and what it allowed you to do. With the changes coming to ICT in the curricullum I thought this could be of great help with many of my lessons. I teach Primary and showed it to the kids and they loved it. I then passed it to my technician. I am in a new post and have an off site technician and no control of my network(don't ask) and he sent me an email back today saying.


Just had a look at muvizu but are you sure this is the right piece of software?
If so it won't be any good as it needs 3-4 other software patches to be distributed as well as a high end processor, 2gb RAM and a graphics card to run.

If we were to distribute this out to the PC's at the prep site, because they are RM machines they would have major issues trying to run this and may cause problems or instability

I was wondering is there a minium spec you would advise for machines running this. I may look at getting a few non network stand alones to run it to start with (if I can find money for them). Not sure really but some thoughts would help me.



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