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2012/2/28 17:46:51
insert video in my scene hi marco

i have done the VirtualDub avi export with the Xvid codec but the problem continue (and My Muvizu fall).

you can see it in this screen:

any recomendation?!

2012/2/28 13:51:34
insert video in my scene Marco, i can not get it! The Muvizu show me the follow error:

"There was an error importing the image file, Out of memory"

2012/2/22 14:18:53
insert video in my scene can i insert a "normal video" within the muvizu animation? i want to get same how this example:

but replacing the tv animation scene with a normal video! is it possible?

2012/2/15 20:08:38
problem with character action! yes, it is very rare, I animated it before (any frames ago) but when the dog sits in front of the cowboy i can not get the fully effect. Instead, the cowboy applied to the movement without problems!
2012/2/14 20:32:52
problem with character action! hi guys.
my problem is not the animation of several characters at the same time !!

i created and published an example of my problem in youtube here:

this video maybe could you help to know my problem!

regards and apologize for my english
2012/2/14 15:27:08
problem with character action! Hi, this is my first post, im a starter in Muvizu! My problem is the follow:

i had created a scene with two persons (cowboy and dog). When i went to the "Dog" character action, i selected the Hook kick effect (attack movement). But the effect only affect a part of "My Dog" (the top zone),

how could i affect all the person with this effect??

I put two image that represent my problem

image 1: before than REC botton (Hook kick effect preview):

image 2: on the REC mode (effect Hook kick is not complete):

can you understand me?
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