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2012/2/27 1:02:49
First Muvizu animation: The Script Music Video Hi everyone,

This is my very first Muvizu animation. Consider it a test of sorts as I was mainly doing this to test out various features and get a feel for how this program works. This took almost a week to complete and throughout that time I have learned quite a few of the limitations the program has and had to figure out how to work around those. Limitations such as the fact that the characters can't interact with objects or with each other, you can't actually make them sit on sofas or stool or even lie down in a bed. I know this is still a pretty early program and I hope that these things will be fixed in future releases and maybe make the program work a little more like MovieStorm where, with the character selected, right-clicking on an object will let them interact with that object. I dunno, just an idea.

But anyway, any feedback is greatly appreciated, constructive criticism, all that jazz. Let me know what you think.

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