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2013/2/4 21:50:29
Coming Soon... @Urbanlamb: Recharge the creative batteries. I have noticed you've been very busy lately and you've done some good stuff.

@EEFilmz: As was I. If I was truly creating the production as advertised it would take me far more than a week as I'm finding with Dragonton. This is just a short observation inspired by some audio I found on Freesound.org. However, a little hype goes a long way. Call it "setting the scene". Big Grin
2013/2/4 17:41:07
Coming Soon... Not at all, a tender exploration of love and the human condition.
2013/2/4 5:16:14
Coming Soon... Coming soon for Valentine's Day..........

A fascinating study into the complex interrelationship between genders in a romance based investigative dialogue delving into the deepest recesses of the human psyche.
2013/1/29 3:10:05
Coming Soon... Love the poster, can't wait to see the decadence of the East Anglian Riviera. Sounds like a veritable Mogulfest.
2013/1/17 23:28:04
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? This is a very good idea. Are you listening Team Muvizu?
2013/1/17 23:25:02
Health update... I hope things improve very soon for you. I wish you good luck and a speedy recovery this time.
2013/1/16 1:44:50
Coming Soon... Looks great, very well lit. Just right.
2013/1/15 15:00:24
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar KerryK wrote:
Also re: Valentine's day - hmm we're grumpy sad sacks who don't like all this love business - but maybe a comical anti-Valentines day theme for a competition.... now there's an idea..... hmmmmm *strokes chin while thinking super hard*

As long as it involves making a video and not advanced cryptography I'll be happy.
2013/1/14 21:02:48
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Well done to the winners, enjoy your prizes..
My theory was wrong and I couldn't get the code to work in Youtube. I never was any good at crosswords. Big Grin

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2013/1/10 22:43:02
Moo urbanlamb wrote:
is this the moo series? if so what's the next moo?

*sits on the edge of me seat*

Moo 3 probably.
2013/1/6 2:11:51
cannot upload to you tube account Hi, you need a Youtube account to upload videos.
2012/12/31 0:46:17
Coming Soon... Happy New Year, nice view.
2012/12/30 21:23:05
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Tried the Youtube thing and despite my best efforts could not find a video.

I am an artist not a code breaker.
2012/12/26 19:12:56
Directing appearance? koraal wrote:
so basically i need to produce 2 different videos and combine them later....
but what happens if i want to change some extra things that occur one thing after another on the set.
for example a magician that remove objects from the stage...

Do it the same way make the video in small takes.
2012/12/26 18:07:34
Directing appearance? Hi Koraal,

There is but it requires two clips to be stitched together. Shoot the first clip right up until you want the change to occur. Then set the next clip to start where the first ended on the timeline. Make the changes you require and then record the second clip. Stitch the two together with the video joiner or some video editing software.

Hope this helps, Happy New Year.
2012/12/25 1:26:55
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Have fun and Happy New Year.
2012/12/25 0:37:31
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar The case of several were vague which leads one to the assumption that case is not important. The only place those letters and numbers seem to fit is in the word box of Muvizu. Given that that creates an object on a set what are you supposed to do with it?

Together with the download recommendation and the fact that other competitions require submission of a video the evidence points to making a video of the object created and submitting it asap as first past the post wins. I am sure the time of all uploads is logged and therefore the first correct entry uploaded through the site will be easy to see.

EDIT: A treasure hunt requires some detective work.
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2012/12/25 0:07:47
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar The last clue was to make sure you downloaded Muvizu by 24th December.
2012/12/24 23:44:17
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Of course, I could be completely wrong so don't take my word for it. All the usual disclaimers apply.

Merry Christmas everybody.
2012/12/24 23:42:37
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar As there is already an entry in the updates ( see right bar under post list ), I think the answer may be simpler than people think. As the cat may be out of the bag already I see no harm in posting my submission. At least those who had trouble with the cryptic stuff will get a chance in the draw then.

I found Renato's video after I did mine. For a brief moment I thought I was the only one who had the answer hence the very rushed nature of the clip.

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