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2012/3/10 1:49:31
Mirrorwall & mirror FX gimmick wrote:
Thanks for your answer. Your system is very good, but I suppose that the camera doesn't reverse left and right like a mirror

Yes it does. If you think about it all a mirror does is look back at you. Check out his T-shirt in this vid.

2012/3/10 1:08:50
Mirrorwall & mirror FX This explains it better.

2012/3/10 1:00:15
Mirrorwall & mirror FX Do you mean you want to make a mirror as seen in many of the videos?

If so here's how you do it. Make a backdrop the size and shape of your mirror. Place it where you want the mirror to be. Then push a camera through the backdrop from behind until it just pokes through the front of the mirror. Best to keep it central for a realistic mirror.

When you have done all this just edit the backdrops image to display the feed from the camera.

Hey presto. A mirror!!

Hope this helps but you may find that your characters suddenly become more vain and are less willing to work. In extreme cases they can even become addicted to plastic surgery.
2012/3/9 13:29:17
Headphones and rain protection. Thanks Luscan. I appreciate you putting in the request for me and will look forward to the headphones, apparently in early April

Non-union actors!!!! The next thing will be the outsourcing of all prop and backdrop production to the Far East. Wait a minute, I am getting an idea for a Mumovie.
2012/3/9 3:27:44
Sketchup to Muvizu This all looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to get a good look at them in the flesh.
I feel an Alien remake coming on. I'd better lie down. Or maybe that's just because it's 3:30 am.
2012/3/8 22:22:56
Headphones and rain protection. Thanks Ziggy, I found the headphones, already had the excellent set. I was looking more for a set of headphones that come either as ears or a hat so that they moved with the character.

Thinking of all those John Lennon studio vids.
2012/3/8 19:41:31
Headphones and rain protection. Please could we have a couple of new accessories for our characters as I'm too tight to go out and buy them these things in the high street.

1: Headphones. A recording studio without headphones is like a barbecue without charcoal.

2: Some sort of rain protection. The weather in Muvizu can often be appalling and I am seriously worried about Equity, ( the actor's union ), suing me if any of them become ill from exposure. As they cannot hold an umbrella perhaps one of those silly umbrella hats would do.

Please take my request seriously and assign one of your most competent and agile team members to the task of creating the aforementioned bits of stuff.

Thank you in advance for your prompt acceptance of my humble request.

2012/3/8 17:09:32
64 bit 19b and 32 bit 18b side by side? Early April 200/1
Late August Evens

2012/3/8 14:17:09
64 bit 19b and 32 bit 18b side by side? Thanks again, will do that although 32bit 19b is quicker than 64bit.

As for keeping Muvizu open all the time. No changes required.
2012/3/8 13:44:42
64 bit 19b and 32 bit 18b side by side? Hello once again. Sorry to be a pain.

I downloaded 32bit 18b and installed it. During installation it said that there was an update to download. I accepted and updated. I now find that it has updated 18b to 19b.

Should I uninstall and re-install without the update or just stick with 32bit 19b?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
2012/3/8 11:56:13
Forrest Sets and animal suggestions I do apologise profusely. To be honest I didn't think it was of sufficient quality.
Rest assured it will not happen again.
2012/3/8 11:48:19
Forrest Sets and animal suggestions OMG

Sorry Luscan, it was just a quick sketch to answer the post. I didn't save it.
Silly really with 600Gb of free space on my hard drive.
Still, at least we have the photo for posterity and I've learnt a valuable lesson.
2012/3/8 3:58:00
64 bit 19b and 32 bit 18b side by side? Hi again. I am currently using the the 64 bit version 19b. It is a bit laggy on my laptop.
Win 7 64bit Home Premium, 2.4ghz I3, 4gb ram, Intel HD graphics.

Can I download and run the 32 or 64 bit 18b versions without uninstalling 19b and test to see if they run any faster?

If so which would you recommend for my machine?

Thanks for reading and hope you can help.

P.S. Or is it worth waiting for an imminent update?
2012/3/7 21:06:57
Forrest Sets and animal suggestions No need to wait. This took me 15 mins to do.
The lake is just a blue ground backdrop.
I'm sure with an hour or two you could make something much better.

2012/3/7 13:14:38
Background & Skydome - Aspect Ratios. Thanks Emily, one of the most useful pieces of info I've found on here.
2012/3/6 23:18:37
synchronised chaaracter movement It all depends what you want to do. With a bit of clever camera work and backdrops you only need one character.......

2012/3/6 22:57:09
Competition thrashout Great ideas.

How about a spoof commercial competition. A lot of ads are full of humour and/or art.
Most commercials are 20 to 30 seconds long so it should be fertile ground for short animations. To avoid issues we could all use the famous ACME brand name and then we could make an ad for any product, real or imaginary.
2012/3/5 23:52:43
Uploaded sets and 3d assets These look great. Planning a robbery?
2012/3/5 18:41:02
hello from France Youtube says in English. Embedding disabled by request. Plongemont lol.

Google translate will get me into a lot of trouble if it doesn't start World War 3 first.
2012/3/5 17:01:52
hello from France C'est bon!!

Il pourrait être sage de ne pas désactiver plongement si vous voulez que votre vidéo apparaisse sur ce site dans la galerie.

Translated by Google.
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